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Proxy in Indonesia

by Tracy Finke

Have you gone on holiday to Bali and found yourself unable to visit your favorite site? Worried about viruses or other security issues? Want to watch some Netflix but where you are the prices are higher than in your home country?

With all these and many other problems with connecting to the Internet, an Indonesian proxy will help you. Residential proxy is especially important to consider. In this article we will talk about what a proxy is and how it can help you with web surfing. More, you can find here: https://soax.com/indonesia-proxy

A bit about what a proxy is and why it is useful

Source: vpnoverview.com

When you are looking for a specific website, all your requests are routed through your provider, directly from you to the website. A proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet. This is a kind of gasket that can help filter out something unnecessary and protect you from viruses or miners. After connecting to the proxy, all Internet traffic will go through it. Proxies have many functions. Consider the main ones:

  • ensures data privacy;
  • protects the user from network attacks;
  • allows you to use content that is only available in a specific location;
  • allows you to connect multiple computers via one IP address;
  • makes blocked Internet resources available.

There are several types of proxy, but let’s focus on residential proxies. The network of such proxies consists of real users’ IP addresses. They are rented or bought directly from users or from ISPs for commercial purposes. The difference between residential proxies is that sites cannot determine that the request comes from a user from another country.

For example, you have purchased a residential proxy located in New York City. Physically you are in Berlin. When you connect to such a proxy and try to access the site, it will receive data that a user from New York is trying to access. Tracking down that the request comes from Berlin is impossible without a targeted search and the use of special tools.

Such proxies can be rented both for use via Wi-Fi and for use via mobile Internet. Renting a proxy will also help to increase the speed of your Internet connection due to data hashing technology.

Why you need a proxy in Indonesia

Source: signal.avg.com

The average Internet connection speed in Indonesia is lower than in Europe or North America. An Indonesian proxy will help partially solve this problem by increasing the download speed. It will also help you bypass all blockages and protect yourself from cyber-attacks and scammers, which are common in Indonesia. Their first target is gullible tourists and inexperienced internet users. So, you will need a proxy here for faster internet connection and protection from cyberattacks.

Types of residential proxies

There are two main types of residential proxies, they are multi-user IP addresses or exclusive IP addresses. Multi-user proxy servers are much cheaper and more available. As for disadvantages — they can be used by several people, which can slow down the speed.

The irony is that the provider of proxies, which are supposed to increase your security, may put you at risk. Using multi-user proxies can also put you in danger, especially if you don’t know who is the owner of the IP address. They may collect data from your device, install malware or backdoors. So, you should always check the owner who’s providing such a service. With multi-user proxy it is also possible to lose access to some sites — if one of the users is blocked, everyone else will also lose access to the resource.

It is safer to use exclusive proxies in this regard. This is because only you or only a small group of trusted people get access to such a proxy server. But the price is also different — exclusive (or private) proxies of any kind are always more expensive, but also much more reliable. Most proxy providers also provide 24/7 and very high quality support for those who buy these particular proxies.

How to choose the right service provider

Thus it is necessary to trust only the largest providers of such services. Because they closely monitor the safety of their users and their own reputation. So, your main aim is to find the most popular provider in the country. If some proxy provider of a famous company is dishonestly fulfilling its tasks, they risk losing customers and running into subpoenas. After such big mistakes, it is almost impossible to restore reputation, so they do everything they can to avoid this.

Why pay more when you have a VPN

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Many users ask the same question — why pay more for a proxy if there is a cheaper analog in the form of a VPN service. It seems that they do the same thing, but no — they are different technologies. A proxy is a special server that performs a user request on your behalf. Additionally, VPNs hide the real IP address, which is a whole virtual network.

As a rule, programs perceive a VPN connection as an additional network adapter for a computer or phone. The proxy server redirects requests from the user’s computer to the server and back. The VPN does the routing and is a guarantee of anonymity. You can also describe the difference with one simple phrase — a proxy is like a VPN, only cooler.

Anti-detect browsers, or why proxies are almost useless on their own

Buying a proxy is often not enough. In order to make use of such a server both for personal and business purposes, special anti-detect browsers are needed. It is worth noting that such browsers are often not browsers in the usual sense, such as Opera, Chrome Browser, and so on. This browser – is a special program that will help you connect to a proxy server, and with its help you can work from multiple accounts at the same time. There are a lot of such browsers, for example ClonBrowser, AntBrowser and others. Choose one you like the most, their functionality and interface is mostly the same.

Affordable prices for proxy servers in Indonesia

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We can find the most suitable solution for you, depending on your needs and budget. You can choose your own pricing plan with proxies from every corner of the world. If you have any problems or questions, our 24/7 technical support will be happy to assist you.