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5 Ways Promotional Products Can Boost Your Business In 2024

by William Gist

With the emergence of the digital world, not many businesses focus on promotional products to boost sales. But we’ve seen that branded items do have a positive effect on your marketing strategies.

The problem that many businesses have is that they aren’t quite sure how to execute such a strategy. Not a lot of companies focus on promotional products, effectively replacing them with digital ads.

But we’re here to tell you all about that. We will dive deeper into the 5 ways promotional products can help boost your business and hopefully encourage you to utilize this strategy more.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Customers Remember the Products

Source: printful.com

The single most important thing to note about promotional products is that customers are used to them. The newer generations of marketers know all about the importance of a website and social media pages.

But not a lot of them know about the importance of branded products. It is estimated that upwards of 70% of customers react positively to promotional products such as T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, refrigerator magnets, etc.

So why would we neglect the importance of such tools? It seems that the focus to maintain a tech-savvy approach mostly hinders these companies.

And the data shows that customers don’t react positively to digital ads compared to promotional products. Deviating from this new norm will likely bring your business a lot of success. The success will be in the form of your customers actually remembering your brand and the message that you send. And just like any digital effort, simply utilizing this strategy helps increase brand awareness.

2.  Driving Sales

Make no mistake about it, promotional products drive sales. The short answer to this statement can be found in numerous surveys that have been done on the matter.

It is estimated that nearly 90% of all surveys find that customers respond positively to promotional products. This leads to an increase in sales by inspiring customers.

The product in question can be anything that you can put your logo, company name, and even message. You can put anything so long as it leads back to your business in some way.

During a product launch, you can brand products with a specific message that connects your customers with your new product. This is term is a powerful way to drive sales by inspiring and engaging your customers.

3.  Impressions Matter

Source: medium.com

What better way to make people like you than to offer something for free? Marketers, new and old, know that this is a strategy that never fails. Regardless of the item you’re offering is digital or physical, people will take notice of it and seize it.

There are countless case studies and real examples of this strategy and why it works. But even more so in the digital world, people love a free T-shirt or a free custom sticker.

Offering free promotional products is the easiest way to make an impression. So if you’re looking to do just that, then you have to find cool items to brand and use in future strategies.

As we mentioned earlier, you can use any item so long as you can put your name, logo, or message on it. The more popular ones are T-shirts, armbands, hats, etc.

But if you really want to take it a step further, then we suggest finding a company that can do custom stickers. Custom stickers can hold your company name, logo, or message and have a cool design that is both interesting and innovative.

They can be placed anywhere you wish and can be used in numerous ways. If you’re looking for a company that makes custom stickers and custom transfer stickers, then make sure to visit zigpac.

4.  Minimum Investment, Maximum Return

Marketers know that the best marketing strategy is the one that requires very little investment and offers a maximum return.

ROI is a concept in marketing that acts as the base of it all. Every company invests so they can get a return on their investment. If the return is negative, then the strategy doesn’t work.

There are dozens of reasons why a strategy would return negative investment numbers, but very important one is the price of the investment.

If you invest too much and gain too little, then you’ve wasted your money. And here is where promotional products come into play.

Instead of boosting your online presence by spending thousands of dollars promoting your new product, why not make T-shirts of it?

Promotional products require very little investment but can offer so much in return. A gift that is the size of a sticker can be a huge asset in maintaining and increasing customer loyalty.

With customer loyalty comes a thing that’s called “brand ambassador”. Every loyal customer that returns for more is an ambassador to your brand. They recommend your brand to friends and family members, effectively creating a close circle of brand ambassadors.

With a simple free sticker, you are showing your customers that you care for them. This evokes positive feelings in the customer, effectively creating an urge to buy from you.

5.  Helps Develop Good Customer Relationships

Source: shopkeep.com

Handing out free promotional products is more impactful than you think. Simply giving the customer a sticker every time they purchase from you helps develop a good relationship.

Relationships are very important in the business world. The only way to create a relationship is to create a unique experience. And promotional products help do just that.

They’re unique, fun, and sometimes free. Each one of these factors plays an important role in creating a positive experience. Customers that have had a positive experience while shopping from you are happier. And there inst anything more powerful than a happy customer.


Promotional precuts are effective marketing tools that can be transformed into whole strategies. The effectiveness stems from the ability to evoke emotions and feelings of positivity. They’re low cost and offer each business a high return on investment. Creating powerful strategies can help each and every business owner increase brand awareness and loyalty.