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Prepaway Microsoft 98-365 Exam as Credit Towards MTA Certification

by Dangula Bingula

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, with the exam code 98-365, is aimed at those individuals who are conversant with the technologies and concepts of Windows Server administration. The candidates are expected to have some level of practical experience working with Windows Server, Active Directory, Windows-based networking, system recovery tools & concepts, and account management.

The certification test is available in a couple of languages, including English, Russian, Arabic, French, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), German, Korean, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil). To attempt this exam, the students are expected to pay the exam fee of $127. This fee is applicable only to the US individuals. The test takers from other countries should check the certification page to know the exact amount they are expected to pay. For more information visit prepaway.org .

The Microsoft 98-365 exam counts as credit towards the MTA: Windows Server credential and it is designed for those individuals who want to validate their knowledge and skills in server administration. The test assesses the knowledge of fundamental server administration tools and concepts, and also acts as a springboard to the world of the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certificates.

It is important to mention that the Microsoft Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certification exam is basically for those who are interested in building a career in the area of the Windows Server domain. The MTA: Windows Server credential validates that one has the basic knowledge and skills to function in the Windows Server domain.

General Overview of Microsoft 98-365 Exam Topics


Those candidates who are planning to take this test must have a strong introductory knowledge of the outlined topics under the exam content. Since this test is more or less an introduction to the world of the Microsoft technologies, it is recommended that the applicants go through relevant training courses.It will greatly help them develop mastery in the concepts and technologies of the certification exam. If you are planning to take Microsoft 98-365, you should check out reliable training resources to help your preparation.

The Microsoft 98-365 certification exam is made up of between 40 and 60 questions and the students have a total of 45 minutes for its completion. To pass the test, you should score a minimum of 700 on a scale of 1000. You should register for the exam at Pearson VUE. To do this, you first have to create a Microsoft account, as you would require your Microsoft details for the exam scheduling. Before attempting the test, it is expected that you study the exam content, which include the following:

  • Understanding of Server installation – 10-15%
  • Understanding of Storage – 10-15%
  • Understanding of Server performance management – 10-15%
  • Understanding of Server maintenance – 15-20%
  • Understanding of Active Directory – 20-25%
  • Understanding of Server Roles – 25-30%

Overview of Skills Measured in Microsoft 98-365 Exam


And, of course, you must acquire certain skills in order to successfully pass the exam. The skills you need are as follows:

  • Understanding of Server Installation

The candidates are required to learn all about device drivers, which include installation, disabling, removal, rollback, Plug and Play, upgrade/update, IRQ, troubleshooting, interrupts, and driver signing. They are also expecting to understand the topics covering services,their statuses, recovery options, startup types, delayed startup, stopping/pausing a service, dependencies, service account, and Run as settings for service. Additionally, the test takers should understand all about server installation options.It includes choosing the appropriate OS version, F8 options, partitioning, interactive install, server core vs.Desktop Experience, unattended install upgrade versus clean install, automated install with WDS, and firmware updates inclusive of BIOS.

  • Understanding of Server Roles

The candidates should be able to identify application servers, including database, mail, monitoring and collaboration servers, and threat management. They should also understand remote access, such as separate worker processes, WWW, IIS, and FTP, SSL certificates, adding components, ports, and sites. The students also need to know a thing or two about remote access, its administration tools, remote assistance, Remote Desktop Servers, application virtualization, licensing, multiple ports, RD Gateway, and VPN. Additionally, they should understand file and print services and server virtualization.

  • Understanding of Active Directory

The candidates for the Microsoft 98-365 exam must understand accounts and groups. This covers domain accounts, user profiles, local accounts, group scopes, AGDLP, and group nesting. The understanding of organizational units & containers is also very important. This includes organizational unit purpose, container purpose, default, and delegation. The individuals should also understand the AD infrastructure, covering domain controllers, operation master roles, forests, child domains, functional levels, domain versus workgroup, trusts, replication, sites, and namespace. Additionally, they need to understand group policy, which includes Group Policy Management and processing, computer policies, Group Policy Management Console, local and user policies.

  • Understanding of Storage

The candidates should learn how to identify storage technologies. This focuses on the pros and cons of various storage types, iSCSI hardware, Local (SCSI, SATA, IDE), SAN, NAS, Fibre Channel, and FC HBA & FC switches. The test takers are also expected to know all about understanding RAID, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10, as well as combinations, software and hardware RAID. Additionally, the students should understand disk types, such as ATA, dynamic disk, basic disk, file systems, mount points, distributed file systems, mounting virtual hard disk, and optical disks.

  • Understanding of Server Performance Management

The candidates should be able to identify the major server components and hardware, which include memory, network, processor, disk, removable drivers, 32/64 bits, graphic cards, power usage, cooling, and port. They are also expected to understand performance monitoring, such as methodology, CPU, procedures, the effect of network, memory & disk, Resmon, Perfmon, creating baseline, performance counters, and Task Manager. The examinees should also understand logs and alerts, which entail purposes of performance logs & alerts.

  • Understanding of Server Maintenance

This topic requires that the candidates know how to identify the steps involved in the startup process, including boot sector, BIOS, bootloader, boot.ini, MBR, POST, bcdedit, and Safe Mode. They also must understand all about business continuity, which covers backup and restore, AD restore, disaster recovery, folder redirection, clustering, data redundancy, and uninterruptible power supply. The test takers should also know all about updates and troubleshooting methodology.



To pass the Microsoft 98-365 test successfully, you need good preparedness and a load of hard work. All of these are possible with reliable prep materials.There are various tools to help you develop competence in all the exam topics.nUse the materials you need for the topics, take practice tests, and rest well. And you will pass your Microsoft Exam with flying colors!