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How To Prepare Your Yard For Tree Removal

by William Gist

Trees bring life and we need to value them a lot more than we do at the moment. However, trees are also sometimes an obstacle when we have construction plans and ideas. It’s pretty obvious to almost anyone that the larger the tree, the bigger the roots as well, and this makes it really difficult to remove a tree just like you can in a video game, even though that’s what we sometimes need.

Tree removal services are on the boom lately and that’s probably due to the pandemic. A lot of people are stuck at home and they want to spend that time to make their own property look and feel better. If you want a new swimming pool in the yard or a place to play basketball, those trees have to go. This is how you can prepare the yard for an operation of this type in the near future.

Examine the type of tree and its current condition

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Before attempting anything, hear us out on this advice coming from a professional arborist. Examining the tree, its age and its current condition are things that you absolutely have to do before even thinking about purchasing equipment or grabbing it from your toolshed. This is simply because the information you gather during this step will determine what kind of gear you need and whether this operation will be easy or a true hell. This depends on three factors, the age and the type of the tree, as well as its condition.

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Preparing the right equipment for the task

Now that you know approximately how much effort something like this will take, it’s time to grab the required tools, hire a helping hand and simply rest since this is a physical type of task after all. Your tools need preparing as well, especially if they were used recently. Re-sharpen, double-check oil and fuel on any motor-powered machines, and most importantly, inform your neighbors of this activity as it will be pretty loud and chaotic. If you have a baby living in the house it’s best that you isolate them somewhere for one or two hours. Now for the actual yard preparation, here’s what you need to do.

Preparing your yard for the job

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If you don’t prepare your yard the right way, the tree-removal task can only become difficult, and we want to avoid that since this is already something that takes quite a lot of effort. Here are some things you can do which don’t take a lot of time but make a huge difference:

  • Remove any furniture (chairs, tables, etc…)
  • If you have a swimming pool close, cover it with something because there will be a lot of particles flying around while you’re using the mechanic saw machines
  • If the tree is planned to go down timbering in the ol’ fashioned way, make sure to clear the path and make sure nobody gets hurt and nothing gets damaged.
  • Prepare a pickup truck or any other form of transport so you can instantly start loading the large pieces of the tree and eventually the entire tree trunk. It’s important to start doing this as soon as possible so that you can avoid a cluttered moving area in your yard, which can eventually lead to someone tripping over and getting involved in an accident
  • Educate the other inexperienced members about how the procedure will carry out if you’ve already done something like this in the past

The most important thing about preparing your yard is to make sure there is enough space to move around while working on the removal of that tree. If there is any emergency and a person needs to quickly move from one point to another, they shouldn’t risk their chances tripping over something, so make sure that the yard itself is not cluttered. Any small stones or decorations can cause a person to trip over, so make sure to clean it well.

If it’s your first time removing a tree

If this is your first time doing something like this, we suggest watching a few tutorials first, and if it still looks really complicated or you feel like you won’t be able to do it on your own, it’s much better to ask for someone else to help you out. It doesn’t have to be a professional that you’ll pay for the service. A friend who has experience in tree removal is good enough. Just be careful and don’t rush things, it’s better to remove it in a few hours than to get injured in the first ten minutes.

Avoid getting in trouble with the neighbors or the law

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This part is also really important, and even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual yard cleaning, it still has to be mentioned. Some neighborhoods require you to previously announce that you’ll do a job of this type, so make sure to clear that with the others before proceeding. Try to schedule it during a period when most people are at work to avoid any complaints for noise. Remember that this job can take more than two hours to complete, depending on the circumstances. If it’s winter it may take even more, but most people do these renovation and re-modeling projects during summer or late spring, so if that’s an option for you consider doing it.


It’s not going to be easy to prepare your entire yard for the tree removal session, but with enough knowledge and effort you’ll get it done in no time. This is not something most people go through in life so chances are that you are still inexperienced, but don’t let that discourage you. Feel free to check out the content above and you’ll learn quite a lot. Remember to stay safe during the procedure, use protective gear and hire a helping hand in case you notice any difficulties. Thank you for reading.