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5 Major Risks Of DIY Tree Removal

by William Gist

Cutting trees or pruning branches is a process of removing trees – and it’s done mostly for safety reasons. It often happens that we have a situation with a tree endangering our house, power supplies – or it’s just very old and rotten, so there is a possibility of a tree falling without any control. Although it is best to hire professionals for tree removal – we very often tend to think we can do it ourselves.

So is it a piece of cake as it looks like? Of course not! Tree removal is also associated with certain risks, so it is best to be aware of that in time. Therefore, we present you with 5 main risks that you take if you cut down a tree yourself.

Logging Trees

Source: agriculture.com.ph

Most of us love to have trees and plants in the backyard or in front of our houses. The fact is, they may seem very nice – but, trees can also make certain problems. Let’s say, you have a big tree in front of your house, which is more than 20 years old. Such a tree has probably outgrown the entire house.

That way, due to the dense canopy, the natural light can be blocked – and you and your family have darkened rooms throughout the day. Another situation that is very common is that you have a tree in your yard that is a little rotten. This can happen because of its age or some tree disease. In that situation, such a tree can be a threat – because it could fall down at any time. This can have unforeseeable consequences. It can destroy your windows, doors, roof, or a car that is parked nearby – or even worse, it can injure or hurt somebody. Obviously, we must take this issue very seriously, and seek the help of professional logging companies.

Risks When Removing Trees Yourself

Do you know that logging is one of the riskiest jobs you can do? Have you ever wondered why professional loggers are so well paid? The reason lies precisely in the risks they take. This job is not easy at all, although to many it looks like a piece of cake. To properly remove trees – you need to be a real expert in several fields. You have to know the biology of trees, you have to know the physics and forces of gravity.

Also, you need to be skilled enough to work with tools such as chainsaws – and know the various advanced techniques of cutting and removing trees. This is where the skills and professionalism lie – and this is most often missing when we think that this is something we can do following DIY tutorials. It has not once happened that people tried to remove a tree on their own – and caused damage to a house or property due to mistakes. Sometimes, it can be even worse. Many people were seriously injured by a branch – or tree falling in the wrong direction. Therefore, here are 5 reasons why you should by-pass the DIY option and invite professionals instead.

Dangers Of DIY Tree Removal

1. You’re Not Familiar Enough With The Forces of Gravity

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If you were a bad mathematician and physicist at school – don’t even try to cut down the trees yourself. For something like this, you need to know the physics, the forces of gravity – and the precise calculation of where a tree or branch will fall. This is essential for this job because ignorance of this component can cost you very serious injuries – and can even be life-threatening.

By careful calculation as well as modern cutting techniques – you will know where the tree will fall or you will be able to influence the direction of its fall. If you are not very good at it – do not try it – because once the tree starts to fall, there is no going back. If the tree is positioned close to the house, it can cause great damage – in which case you will find it difficult to collect damages from the insurance company. On the other hand, it can be extremely dangerous – because if a tree falls where you did not anticipate, it can injure you or someone else. So it is clear that you should avoid doing this by yourself.

2. Tree Branches And Remnants Can Be Dangerous

The trees we cut down are usually dry or rotten – so it is certain that there are a lot of loose branches on them. According to viennavatreeservice.com, each of them can pose a potential danger – as they can fall as the tree descends. If we do not solve and prevent this situation in time – it can happen that during a fall, branches and remnants of trees injure people, damage equipment or property. Therefore, it is very important to be able to recognize when the tree has rotted and in which parts. For this, you also need to know biology – because you have to recognize a rotten tree and you have to know if there are dead branches.

3. Decay Of Trees

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Speaking of biology – this is also very important to know. A tree can look quite OK on the outside – but on the inside, it can be completely rotten. Therefore, such a dying tree is also very unstable and poses a potential danger. Even if you didn’t plan to remove the tree – this situation will certainly require it. You better remove it – because you don’t know at what point and to whom it may fall. Since this situation requires knowledge of biology – it is advisable to call professionals.

4. A Chainsaw Is A Great Danger For Those Who Are Not Professionals

Although it seems simple to us, operating a chainsaw is far from it. This device is a good ally, but only in the hands of professionals. For those who do not know how to handle it properly – it can become the biggest enemy. Improper use of a chainsaw can be extremely dangerous – and can cause you serious injuries and even death. Very often in the hands of non-professionals – these saws shake or recoil when they hit the thickening or knots on the wood. As a rule, it happens suddenly – so you almost don’t have a chance to react. Very often, improper use of a chainsaw has resulted in very serious injuries, permanent disability – and sometimes even the death of people who did not know how to use it properly.

5. Falls From The Tree

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Sometimes, due to the situation, it is necessary to prune the branches on the tree first. This means that you have to climb a tree – and prune dry or rotten branches from a height. Then the risk of falls and injuries due to falls are certainly increased. If you use some of the tools such as an ax or a chainsaw – the whole situation can take on an even more serious turn. Therefore, it is definitely recommended that you do not do this job alone but turn to professionals for help.


Removing trees is a task that is performed quickly and easily – but keep in mind that this only applies when professionals who have many years of experience in practice and. The recommendation for all people who want to get rid of a tree – is to hire professionals. In a few minutes, the branches will be cut down, so that the tree falls more easily. Experts will estimate the angle at which the tree will fall – and do the whole job safely.