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Reasons to Use a Cognitive Test for Hiring & Employment

by Kim Marks

Cognitive tests are used extensively for medical purposes such as diagnosing brain diseases and anomalies. In the field of psychology, cognitive tests are used to test one’s capacity to think rationally. These tests are normally administered before or after a job interview for the purpose of gauging your ability to do well in an interview.

In the field of HR, these tests are used as a hiring criteria in order to filter out unsuitable candidates. Such cognitive tests can serve as an indicator that would help in the making of career choices for both short and long terms. Here are few reasons why we should consider hiring individuals who have passed cognitive tests:

It can help in reducing attrition rate

The key reason behind the inordinate attrition rate of individuals is insufficient quality of interview process which provides wrong impressions about the candidate.

These errors can be due to personal bias in the hiring process and incorrect perceptions. Thus, hiring tests like cognitive tests give better information regarding job candidates.

It can aid in generating differentiated insights

Faced with a large pool of candidates, it is a challenge for the hiring manager to make a positive decision. These tests allow the hiring manager to take a look at individual abilities.

This can help in identifying critical areas in which the candidates perform poorly. This will in turn help in overcoming all the biases and misconceptions that exist in the hiring process.

It can help in generating healthy discussion

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We should ideally work on empowering ourselves with good information. In order to do that, there is a need to generate some healthy debate and healthy discussions. As the hiring manager, you should be able to have such a discussion on the details about the candidate.

A wrong decision can have a negative impact on the reputation of the company. Hence, it is important for the hiring manager to have a balanced opinion of the candidate which helps in making a more logical decision. For more info, just follow the link here: https://memtrax.com/cognitive-test.

It can help in evaluating adaptability

Job profiles are usually built keeping the needs of the current age in mind. In such a situation, it is important for the candidate to fit the profile of the company and as well as the expectations of the job.

Hence, if there is scope for adaptation, then that can be a key parameter to evaluate the candidate. The candidate should be able to find a comfortable environment in which he can achieve the required results. Cognitive tests from Cognifit will help in giving better insights regarding the same.

It can help in managing team dynamics

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One of the most important abilities of every employee is the ability to work in a team. The diversity of thought in the team has a direct impact on productivity and hence, it is important to manage the team well.

Cognitive tests can help you in doing that. It will give you an in-depth insight about the capabilities of the candidate in a team environment. This helps in building a strong team and avoiding unnecessary conflicts among the team members.

It can save time

Hiring process usually involves a lot of scrutiny and scrutiny time is the biggest waste of time for the hiring manager. The hiring process should be faster and shorter in order to save time for the teams.

Cognitive tests will help in performing proper screening without wasting a lot of time. It’s a win-win situation for the employer and the candidate. You would be able to get the desired quality of candidate for a job that is of higher skill requirement as well as the hiring company will get the same person for a job that requires minimum skills.

It can boost the candidate’s confidence level

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Resilience is a very important trait among all the professionals. According to a study, professionals who are resilient can withstand hostile situations for three times longer than their counterparts. Resilience is an important trait for any professional in today’s time and hence, those with good resilience can easily take up challenging tasks. They also possess a high tolerance level and have a healthy relationship with colleagues.

Most of the companies measure the ability to rise to the challenge in their performance evaluation process. Hence, to come across to the employer, the candidate needs to be able to deliver results with good motivation. It is important to undergo a cognitive test and have a psychological and physical test to measure the ability to manage tasks and authority levels.

It can help in assessing communication skills

Some of the tasks require communication and can put a question mark on the candidate’s communication skills. There are various domains in which communication is required and among all, the sales skills have a high scope for development. This makes the candidate with good communication skills stand out from the rest of the crowd. An average candidate can master the communication skills in a few weeks.

Thus, hiring for a sales role is crucial as it can give a huge boost to the career and the earning. Hence, cognitive tests can help in finding the best candidates for the job. It helps in finding the best candidates for sales roles and offers a holistic insight into the potential of the candidate. Their communication skills and the aptitude to handle a challenging job are assessed by the tests and hence, hiring for sales jobs can become a lot easier.


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Cognitive tests can help the hiring manager in improving the hiring process. These tests are efficient and do not waste a lot of time. The best part is that these tests are just an interview.

It’s the best way to test all aspects of your candidates and eliminate them if they do not meet the required standard. Hence, it’s always better to go for a test that matches your requirements and can help you in making a better decision.

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