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The Increasing Popularity of Offshore Development Center

by Tracy Finke

Digital marketing and service providers will always do their best to provide top notch services to their valued clients. However, with a high level of services, comes the high cost as well. This is why companies and startups will look for the most budget friendly ways to get their things done. Among all, offshoring is perhaps the most effective way to get things done in the most proficient ways possible.

ODC such as offshore development centers by WeAssemble can greatly be helpful in developing the projects but with the most optimized cost available. Because most of the offshore development will not require any physical resources offered by companies or clients and human power to get the project done. Click here for more information.

Which is why this practice is gaining popularity among the larger organizations, especially when they require a team of more than 20 people on a particular project. Companies are offering offshore development to their clients and businesses are now transferring from their in-house development teams to outsourced developers. Continue reading below for more information.

So, What Is Offshore Development Center (ODC) Is All About?

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The offshore development center (ODC) is a type of business outsourcing arrangement where a company outsources its software development or Information Technology (IT) operations to another country. The client company contracts with an ODC provider to establish and manage an ODC in the provider’s country.

The ODC provider staffs the ODC with personnel recruited, trained, and managed by the provider, and the client company’s employees work closely with the ODC staff to transfer knowledge and manage the work. The client company retains full control over the ODC.

Top Benefits of An Offshore Development Center

For a number of reasons, companies are now going for offshore development centers. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of ODC.

1. Long Term Cost Savings

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ODCs can help companies save on labor costs as they can take advantage of lower wages in the provider’s country. An offshore development center (ODC) can be a great way for a business to save money. By having an ODC, a business can have its employees work in a country or region where labor is relatively cheaper.

This can lead to lower costs for the business, which can be passed on to the customer. Additionally, an ODC can help a business to avoid the hassle and expense of setting up its own office for inhouse development team in its own premises. The Amount of salary is highly reduced and it is a common reason for companies to go for offshore development centers services.

It has been observed that the overall cost of an employee in an offshore development center is almost 30-40% lower as compared to the same resource working in-house. This is because the ODCs are located in countries where the cost of living is relatively low as compared to the Western countries. Also, companies don’t have to worry about getting them trained, provide physical facilities and alike so this can greatly save a company from spending high.

2. Greater Access to Versatile Talent

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ODCs can help companies access a larger pool of talent as they are not limited to recruiting from their local area. The offshore development center (ODC) allows companies to access a global pool of talent and tap into new markets. The ODC provides companies with access to a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

The workers in offshore development centers are more productive than their counterparts in the company’s local area. Not only just that, they are highly professionals and skillful. They know they can only survive in the market if they show their best. This doubles the benefits of hiring ODC because companies can work with the most experienced workforce for their projects.

3. Increased efficiency

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ODCs can help companies achieve greater efficiency as they can eliminate the need for on-site management and supervision of the work. Because companies will not have to hire an in-house team to work with or to worry about facilitating them according to the project so it will be a sigh of relief for a company.

Offshore development centers can provide a dedicated team anytime they need during the year. A team manager will supervise and manage the project which will result in more efficiency than an in-house team. Plus, it can reduce stress on the management of the companies with less employees as well.

4. Flexibility At its Best

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Not all projects are completed equally. There are certain requirements to fulfill the projects that require odd working shifts. However, with the help of offshore development centers, getting flexibility in working hours and staffing levels is convenient. Not only will this help completing the project accordingly, companies will be able to have better control on resources as well.

5. Minimum Infrastructure Investment

When businesses have to develop a new product (software, web or app), they will need to invest in new resources and infrastructure for inhouse developing team. If they are running low on budget then things will be way tougher than expected.

This is where the offshoring comes in handy. Most of the offshore development centers come with the latest technology and even if they need some investment, they can work with the company, reducing the infrastructure investment. This is another reason why offshore development centers are gaining popularity.

6. Increase Focus on Primary Business

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Offshore development centers are often a great choice for the companies who don’t have entirely focus on information technology. Oftentimes, companies will need to work on their product or develop something new.

However, hiring individual inhouse teams for this will just increase their expenses. Especially when they are no longer with them for a longer time. The offshore development center can greatly be helpful in this regard. They will take care of your IT projects and you can channel that effort on some other projects.

Bottom Line

Offshore development center is one of the most effective ways to get your IT project requirements met and done in the most proficient ways possible. Over the years, offshore development centers have been the part of several reputed and big-time projects. Offshoring with such names means peace of mind and fine end results. Just make sure you contact the right offshore development center for development projects for better results.