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6 Tips on How to Mix Patio Furniture Styles the Right Way

by Tracy Finke

Having a patio in your backyard means having the opportunity to create your own piece of paradise where you can relax and enjoy beautiful days and evenings, but it can be pretty challenging to decorate it. We can find furniture of various styles, and not all of them can make a perfect match together, so it is necessary to do some research and check which of them can perfectly match and which combinations it is better to avoid.

Doing research can be pretty exhausting and time-consuming, especially for people who are in a hurry to decorate their patio, so if you are one of them, continue reading since we will describe some of the best combinations in the text below.

1. Match the colors

Source: bobvila.com

One of the first things we need to determine when it comes to decorating our patio is which color will dominate and which colors can match it. There are some colors that make a perfect combination and complement the dominant one, and choosing the right color palette is half the job done.

On the other side, using too many colors will make the patio colorful and cheerful, but it can be too much, so it will lose the calming and relaxing effect it should have. For example, if the dominant color is green, and you buy a green swinging chair set, the table should be brown or some neutral color that will make a combination pleasant to the eye.

2. Combine different materials

Source: bobvila.com

One common misconception is that all the furniture must be made of the same material, so people struggle when they decorate their patio, as it is sometimes impossible to find everything they want. Luckily it is only a misconception, and we can play with various materials when we buy furniture for the patio, as long as they match.

A wicker chair with an ottoman made of wood and woven can be a perfect match with a pyramid outdoor propane heater made of steel. Keep in mind that natural materials always make a perfect match, and avoid spending hours searching for items made of the same material when you can create an amazing combination without too much struggle.

3. Use various shapes

One of the best ways to make the patio vivid and interesting is to use various shapes to achieve that. Many people think that if they decide to use, for example, round shapes, everything needs to be round, but it is not true, and using various shapes will have a much better effect.

Pyramid patio heaters are extremely popular these days, but it does not mean that everything on the patio should have a pyramid shape. Instead of that, we can use round, squared, rectangular, or pillows of any other shape to make the whole patio much more interesting. Of course, it is not only about the pillows, as there are much more items that can be used to improve the overall look, and playing with the shapes is one of the best ways to achieve that.

4. Patio gazebo ideas

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Gazebos are an extremely popular addition to patios because of many reasons. They provide us with a roof that can keep us dry during the hot summer rain, so we can enjoy sitting on the patio without worrying that we will be wet. One of the best gazebos we can choose is a hardtop gazebo with netting and curtains because it not only provides us with the roof, but the curtains on the side can save us from the wind, and we can enjoy our piece of paradise even during the autumn days. Buying the best patio heater we can find on the market, which fits perfectly on our patio, will make the whole experience even better and prolong the time we can spend on it even to the late autumn or early winter.

5. Add some accessories

The patio is not all about chairs and tables, as we can use various accessories to make it much more enjoyable. Of course, the most common are different pillows that add to the look of the patio but can also be very useful when it comes to comfort. We can play with colors, materials, sizes, and shapes and choose those that we like the most.

Besides pillows, many other accessories can be used to improve the patio look, and some of them are placemats, vases, and even umbrellas that can be used as decoration. There is no strict rule when it comes to accessories, and we can use whatever we want, but it is crucial not to use too many of them, or the whole place will look a little overcrowded.

6. The power of light

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Each patio is bright enough during the daytime, but what to do when it becomes dark, and you still want to enjoy yourself with your friends? Well, it is necessary to get some source of light, and thanks to the enormous choice, it can also be a great way to improve the look of your patio.

The most romantic are candles that can be found in different colors, sizes, and shapes, and they can fit any style, but the main problem with them is that wind can easily blow them out. Luckily, we can find various lanterns and put the candles inside, so the wind cannot reach them. Besides that, we can choose solar lanterns and provide enough light to our guests without worrying about the electric bill. The options are numerous, and it is up to you to choose the best one to brighten your patio during the evening.

Final thoughts

As you can see, decorating the patio and mixing various styles is not difficult as long as you are choosing items you like since you are the person that will spend the most time there. It can be difficult to find the best furniture, heaters, and accessories because there are many stores that sell them separately, and if you want to buy everything in one place, Pamapic is the best solution.