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How to Hire and Scale a Dedicated Team for your IT Project?

by Dangula Bingula

You need someone who can meet the challenge, whether you are planning to build a company from scratch or to broaden your established production skills. It implies skilled, trustworthy, highly competent individuals in their specific field.

However, when these individuals on your current team are absent, and you are looking for alternatives, one worth considering – a strategic collaborator with a devoted development team that is only loyal to this specific project.

Nonetheless, if you have selected a dedicated product development team, the next step is to find a trustworthy business partner who can provide perfect service throughout the process.

What is a dedicated development team model?


The committed engineering staff is one of the dedication types for a project with unique specifications between a client and a product development company. The consulting firm looks among other items for production tools that fit the customer’s project reach and framework.

The customer, in turn, provides for the project the required resources, including information, compensation payments for the team, the cost for the contractor, which includes expenses for overheads, administration, and infrastructure.

This business model is primarily used for ventures that are supposed to have very complex scope requirements over time. Further, if the customer’s core team needs unique expertise and experience in the project or the production Center is a struggle to recruit these full-time developers from their country of residence. The overall idea for a customer to procure efficiency, exclusive, and project-specific solutions from offshore developers, therefore, falls upon the committed software development team.


From the outset to the project completion, contact between the committed offshore developers and a client is typically regular and highly engaging, directly or via a project manager. It helps the company to monitor the success of the project as the offshore staff knows more about the demands of the business. For more details, check intersog.com to get to know more about the dedicated development team model.

The Process of Hiring Dedicated Programmers


However, the next step is to find reliable business partners who can provide the perfect service on each stage of the process if you have opted to choose a committed product development team model. Then how do you do it correctly? Many options exist for recruiting expert developers; they are:

1. Define a Match with your needs

Have a clearly defined idea of your project objectives and what kind of individuals you might need to have on board. Consider your future partner’s feedback accessible based on your current situation as they have a new idea for your project and a good experience. It is important to train your business team for the introduction of new techniques in order to make the company more creative and successful.

2. Consider Company Size and Structure


When evaluating a remote technical producer, it really needs to get a correct understanding of its size and operation. The business must be in a state of affairs in which the company management becomes responsible for bringing the product to tackle and can pragmatically assess whether the project is big or not.

It is important to note that the way the team is sized is largely determined by the size and growth of the company. Large businesses are more agile and can respond more effectively to your urgent demands for team expansion. Moreover, it is easier to share knowledge and experience between the team members when we speak of large teams, and it works more efficiently.

3. Discuss Availability, flexibility, and speed


Usually, the internal pressure grew for some time already when you started looking for a dedicated team. You will understand how the future contractor will help you with the necessary resources in the short-to-medium term by requesting for the timeframe to calculate the team or develop it from the very beginning, in order to start as soon as possible.

4. Clarify the hiring process

Get your prospective vendors to explain the real recruiting process and how the best candidate is chosen for each job according to the estimated timetable. When an organization develops its own methodology to rising talent, it is advantageous because companies with a good learning culture continue to dramatically outperform their competitors in terms of productivity, economic gains, customer service, and production of high-quality products.

5. Make sure there are no communication barriers


When it comes to expressing thoughts on the initiative, concrete expectations, and goals you want to accomplish, this perspective on the recipients should not be overlooked. In a language appropriate for you, your chosen remote staff will connect with you.

In most cases, we speak English, as it is known in many countries around the world as the business language. You will be on the same page as your specialist team and ensure successful customer-driven product development and good coordination.

6. Ask about fails and solutions

This is a complicated question because not every company feels free to reply frankly to its shortcomings and the explanations for this. However, you can certainly ask about the challenges and obstacles that you have had to encounter, as this detail offers you a sense of how your potential partner can handle possible issues in the project. In the end, if the company has struggled, they must have no issues communicating their (good or bad) experiences with you.

7. Understand company culture


Corporate values and culture seem to be two of the most important factors for figuring out if you are confident in operating with a certain business. Nothing is more instructive than visiting the company bureau, sensing the mood, and interacting with the managers and the workers.

It is important for everyone to make it a good cultural fit for the company when it comes to corporate culture.

When you bring anyone fresh to the squad, you intend to develop long-lasting business contacts with them and make them committed and dignified employees in your company. And each member of each team must ideally have an understanding of and work upon organizational values. Those metrics show a lot about the integrity of the company and whether you’re with them on the same board.

8. Request References


Meet current and formal clients to find out whether they are happy with contact, staff engagement, distribution management, and product development. True input often represents the best quality assurance, and if the team has produced the goods for other start-ups effectively, they would definitely provide you with high-quality services.

9. Ask for a test project

A free trial will give you an idea of how your potential partners will operate on a project, the efficiency of the engineers in their pool, and the ease with which you work. When a company is able to provide a free trial, it also demonstrates that they depend on their product, which is a move towards openness and the development of trusting business relationships with you.

10. Visit their Office


We recommend you to visit at least one company you’re more likely to work for when you have time and opportunity. A personal visit may help you assess this potential partner more effective than depending on what you hear about it. It is also essential, in addition to the workplace, business interest, staff, and management, to assess the location and how convenient and open it is, especially when visiting it frequently.

Therefore, if you are trying to keep up with technologies, it can be extremely useful to recruit a potential development team for your IT outsourcing software development project. While your time doesn’t waste, you don’t really learn much about recruiting people and figuring out information. The development of software by dedicated development teams allows you to concentrate on your skills and also advance on a technical scale.