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Pop Star Lana Del Rey Flies in Economy Class

by Elsa Stringer

Pop music superstar Lana Del Rey, 34, was snapped in an airplane, which would not be anything major if she had not flown in economy class.


The singer of “Blue Jeans“, “West Coast”, “Summertime Sadness”, “Video Games”, “National Anthem”, “Born to die”, and more, seemed okay using the regular way of flying, instead of living it up in the luxury business class.

Following a series of successful albums and tours, she has been quite silent for the past couple of years. Back then, she was often accused of acting as a diva. It is safe to say those days are over with this latest development.

Lana Del Rey


Differently from her many colleagues and other celebrities, and instead of private jets and first class comfort seating areas, she opted for economy.

The comments under the photo on Twitter are divided, as some praise her and some do not. Most support her and are fascinated with the act. They are glad that their favorite singer is not the diva many believe her to be, and that she cares about the environment and our planet.


To the others, this decision was not very important or fascinating. One comment reads, “Money is the anthem of success,” suggesting she is struggling with money in the recent years since she is no longer as popular and present in the entertainment industry.

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Her songs often talk about high-end living, which further proves how different this is to her former self and makes it easier for the people to comment negatively.