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Playboy Stops Printing due to Coronavirus

by Nebojša Vujinović

The Legendary men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine “Playboy” is ready to end its 67-year-long streak of printing following the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest issue set to hit the stores will be the last one in 2024. From now on, only a digital version of the magazine will exist. The company issued a statement saying they will completely move to their online platform until further notice. CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Ben Kohn, said the following:

“We will move to a digital-first publishing schedule for all of our content including the Playboy Interview, 20Q, the Playboy Advisor and of course our Playmate pictorials.”

He also added, “Print is how we began and print will always be a part of who we are.”

Source: misiones

Since 1953 when the late Hugh Hefner established the magazine, it has been working and printing without trouble. Marilyn Monroe graced the first cover.

Until 2017, Playboy was a monthly magazine, before switching to a bimonthly and finally to a trimonthly format in 2019.