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How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Benefit a Victim of an Accident

by Nina Smith

Experiencing an accident, whether at work, at home, or in public can be an incredibly traumatizing event for anyone, but unfortunately, they do happen from time to time. when they do, an individual may be entitled to compensation. This is where a personal injury lawyer comes in handy, and although many think that they can only assist with receiving financial restitution, the reality is that due to their industry expertise, they can actually assist with many factors relating to the recovery of their client.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

In the most simple of terms, they are a type of lawyer that specializes in personal injuries, such as tripping over a broken slab on the sidewalk or suffering a car accident. Their role is to establish who is to blame and whether or not they are liable. This is the first benefit that they offer; in fact, an Atlanta car accident attorney will likely be highly specialized in this particular field, allowing them to guide their client every step of the way.

1. Initial Care

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After an accident involving vehicles, especially if an injury has been sustained, the first thing that the victim will need to do is seek medical attention. After this initial phase, contacting a lawyer for support and guidance should be the next thing to do. Although they will want to focus on your case, they will likely have access to trusted medical professionals, whether personal or based in a clinic – and their priority will be to help you get your life back on track. How you are looked after and treated medically can make a huge difference to your injuries and recovery period, and to avoid life-changing consequences, it’s always a good idea to turn to your lawyer for advice and guidance.

2. Evaluating the Case

The next benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer after suffering a collision or accident on the road is their ability to evaluate your case. Even if you are to blame, you could receive financial support to help with medical expenses, but if the fault was someone else’s, then the potential to receive financial restitution will be even greater. Things that will be considered include the time of the incident, who was driving, their right to drive, whether their negligence caused the accident, and the consequences of the incident itself. These are things that require a technical touch and so can’t be handled without the aid of a professional, but with one, the entire case could be handled flawlessly, maximizing your chances of receiving compensation and support.

3. Making a Claim

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Once the details of the case have been properly established, the next thing that your lawyer can do is compile a case. This will be against the individual responsible for the accident and then submitted to the court. Many people don’t want to proceed this far, as they feel that the individual may suffer financially, but the reality is that the most they will have to pay are a little excess on their car insurance. In fact, their insurer will likely have to cover the costs associated with court fees, compensation, and other financial obligations – and that is why they are there, so don’t feel that you shouldn’t attempt to claim what you are legally owed.

4. Supporting their Client

As briefly mentioned above, the job of a personal injury lawyer isn’t only to obtain compensation for their client – but to assist them with the relevant therapy arrangements as they require. Some might be able to recommend particular medical specialists, while others will apply to a court to permit funding from the insurance agency that the case is being made against to provide payment upfront for the medical care required by their client. This is often the case when therapy and counseling are needed, as this will often take place before the case is finished (the sooner the better when it comes to recovering from a traumatic experience).

5. Working Behind the Scenes

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It’s not unheard of for lawyers and defenses to work together to come up with deals to avoid having to go to court – and as many fear needing to take their cases to court, this can be another benefit of hiring a good injury lawyer. If you let them know that you don’t want to take the stand, they may be able to strike a deal with the individual being sued behind the scenes or approach their insurers to tell them what you should expect as compensation – and if they make a deal outside of court, they can reduce their costs by a little. This is common and not unorthodox in any way; in fact, many victims of accidents settle out of court simply to speed up the process.

6. Optional Payment Plans

Some lawyers propose no-win/no-fee options, while others may request payments upfront, or offer a payment plan based on the success of the case (or the amount received in compensation). The good thing about these options is that you can shop around until you find the one that suits you best. It’s a given that a good lawyer will cost money, as they have access to things that average people simply don’t, so knowing that an industry expert is fighting your corner can be very reassuring. With that in mind, picking an affordable solution should be a priority – and the more successful they are at their job, the more likely your case will be to win.

For anyone that has suffered from a car accident, the priority should, first of all, be health and recovery, and then financial compensation. Making sure that you are okay will be important for your lawyer, as they will want to help you to get back on track as a part of their job. This is why many consider them confidantes as well as service providers, and with a good one at your side that genuinely cares about your situation, you’ll be able to rest assured that they have your best interests at heart.