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People Born in March Are Special and Here Is Why

by Elsa Stringer

The gray and cold winter days are already behind us as we step into the spring season. The streets will no longer be covered in melted snow or rainwater and everything will start to blossom. March is also a wonderful time to become a mom, and a great one to be born in.

March people have a higher chance of having jobs as CEOs, and enjoy corporate success. The research suggests that most CEOs are born in March, when compared to other months. This is probably related to the start of school, since March children are often the oldest in the class.


In addition, there is a lesser probability of developing sight issues if your birthday is in March, in comparison with summer people. March babies will probably go without any sight problems and enjoy great vision most of their lives.

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Others either love or hate March people’s optimism, which is often on a high level. Their inborn optimism is shared with April and May people, suggesting that anyone born in springtime is a natural optimist.


Amazingly, the risk of asthma is lower for babies who come to this world in March. A 2015 study revealed they have a natural resistance to asthma because the early exposure to the germs makes their immune systems stronger.

March people are much more likely to be night owls instead of early birds, meaning they like going to bed later and waking up later. In general, most spring and summer babies are like this, while autumn and winter people prefer sleeping and waking up early.


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Zodiac-wise, if you are born in March, you are either Pisces if your birthday is between March 1 and March 20, or Aries if you celebrate it after March 20 and into April. Both signs are said to be confident and passionate.