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What are Payday Loans and Why You Should Avoid It?

by Sinke Car

Need an idea about the financial health of the community? Shopping centres being vacant or houses being abandoned are pretty much some of the obvious signs that indicate that things are not good. But there is another subtle way, by which you can be aware of the financial insecurity of the community. That is by simply getting to know the number of payday lenders is in your area. Whenever businesses fail, people are willing to pay a huge amount of interest for personal credits, just with the mere hope of saving their business.

According to research, around 12 million Americans opt for payday loans every year and then spend a sum of near about $7 billion on the credit fees. Usually, the interest rates are disguised in terms of amounts that need to be paid, but if calculated, the interest rates can get as high as 300%-500% annual percentage rate (APR). Don’t know what are payday credits and what are the disadvantages of payday credits. There is no need to worry because you can learn more here.

Payday Loans


Payday loans are slackened advances of cash that are given for a small amount of money with usually a huge rate of interest. Usually, the amount for which the credit is taken is less than $1000. A typical credit amount is around $500 which is required by people to pay their rent, food, utilities, as well as medical bills.

Though according to the name credits are associated with the pay check of the borrower, but in case of online payday loans for bad credits, money is given to only those whom they are definite about will be able to pay back their amount along with the interest rate.

Who Uses Payday Loans?


The simple manner behind getting access to cash makes online payday loans for bad credit attractive to many customers, mainly for those who have a hard time getting access to a conventional mortgage. Pay lenders often use different methods to give the moneylenders.

Pay lenders often publicize on televisions, through the mail, as well as on radios, to get attention from the working people who can’t easily get back by pay check to pay check. The downfall in the business world has experienced several people opting for online payday loans for bad credits.

How Does Payday Loan Works?


Acquiring online payday loans for bad credit can get deceivingly easy. The only things that are required are an id proof of yours along with a blank check from your issued check book. The administrator will provide a relatively small amount, that typically ranges from $100 to $500, which is expected when you are reimbursed next. You will commit to paying the administrator what may seem like a reasonable sum, for example, $15 for every $100 commandeered.

Usually, two weeks is considered for the end of the credit period. The moneylender would command the borrower to pay the credit along with the interest amount at the termination of the credit period. Whenever the due date for the repayment of the money arrives, people often discover their need for money and thus rushes to the moneylender to give them an extension to pay back their online payday loans for bad credit.

Reasons to Avoid Payday Loans


  1. It is quite expensive: Interest rate for credit cards is usually high and that might require the borrower to pay an APR ranging from 28% to 36%. But on average the interest rate for average online payday loans for bad credit is around 398% per annum.
  2. It is financially quicksand: Several borrowers have inadequate amounts with them and as a result, are unable to repay their money in the allotted period. When the time has come, they either need to pay back their money or borrow another round, thus making them go deeper in debt.
  3. It is too easy to borrow from short-term lenders: Far from bank credits as well as credit card loans, online payday loans for bad credit do not need a lot of paperwork. You can acquire these online payday loans for bad credit, by just signing some papers and signing a check.
  4. Some payday lenders want to acquire the right to access your bank account: According to the moneylenders, giving them the right to access your bank account would mean that this will save your time as well as the hassle of writing post-dated checks. But if you are unable to pay them their money back on time, then they may make several attempts to withdraw money from your account.
  5. Pay lenders can be ruthless: You will require to be clever tactics to deal with your pay lenders if you are unable to pay back their money on time. Pay lenders can be quite ruthless and can even call you at late hours to get their money back.

Payday Lenders Live on The Poor


The payday money is offered in simple places such as check-cashing places, loan stores, some banks, as well as pawn shops. These stores are open for a longer period than any other usual bank, thus giving access to money nevertheless of the hour of the day.

This process thus allows people who have quite a low or no amount in their bank accounts. One of the biggest reasons why poor people are attracted towards this procedure is because the pay lenders do not check the credit score of the borrowers, nor the activity of the borrower is reported to the credit agency.

Though online payday loans for bad credit may seem a good idea as it does not require any paperwork or does not even check your credit score before giving you the money required. But, the interest rate to the principal amount is huge and it becomes difficult to pay back the money on time for poor people and therefore these people become more and more indebted to them. So, it is important to be aware of the circumstances that you are going to put yourself into by taking the loan.