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10 Tips on How To Overcome Lack Of Creativity When Writing An Essay

by Ava-Rose Calderon

One of the aims of essay writing is to test your ability to think through the subject of discussion. You demonstrate your creativity by writing original and unique ideas on the topic. When an essay lacks creativity, it becomes mundane and attracts poor grades. According to paperwritten, lack of creativity is one of the easiest essay writing problems to solve.

A creative essay is interesting to read. You can feel the creativity from the title to the introduction, body, and conclusion. The ideas feel natural and compelling, resulting in the best grades. As a writer, you will enjoy the entire writing process and the outcome. How can you unlock your creativity in essay writing? Here are genius tips to consider.

1. Read other essays

The most creative essay writers have learned from others. They imitate their approach to writing, eventually producing some of the most compelling essays. Read the winning essays used for demonstration in your department or the library.

Discuss the winning essays with your tutor or peers. Compare the style used by these writers to your own. As you assess your weaknesses and their strength, you will find openings that make your essay writing more interesting.

2. Read more books

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Lack of creativity could result from the absence of ideas. In other cases, you do not know how to express the ideas you have already generated. By reading more books, you get new ideas and creative ways of presenting them in an essay. By the time you return to write your essay, your head will be simmering with the most creative essay ideas you can imagine.

3. Diversify your reference materials

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Do not depend on the same reference materials throughout your writing process. While the department and your tutor have provided a list of recommended books, search for information beyond. As you widen your net, you discover new ideas that will enrich your understanding of the topic.

New materials include podcasts, videos, infographics, and presentations by other professors. You may even visit a factor or set where the ideas you are studying are in use. Interaction with new materials opens your mind to think beyond ordinary ideas. You will eventually produce the most creative ideas.

4. Write in the right environment

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Set up the perfect environment to write your essay. Choose a comfortable desk that allows you to focus solely on the essay at hand. Straining your back or writing in a cold room will affect your concentration. If you cannot concentrate during essay writing, you will produce uninspiring ideas. You are even likely to only repeat what other writers have said in the past. Such a lack of creativity will result in poor grades.

Place a plant on your desk for inspiration. Customize the walls around the room to make it homely and cozy. Switch off distractions like music, social media notifications, and video games to guarantee maximum concentration.

5. Get help whenever you are stuck

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Ask for help from your tutor, peers, seniors, and even online helpers whenever your mind goes blank. The assistance you receive will unlock the quagmire, helping you to see new possibilities. However, you must ensure that the help is qualified. Read reviews, ask for referrals, and test the quality of help you are receiving. As you reduce pressure on writing, you can produce more insightful ideas.

6. Take breaks

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Avoid long essay writing hours because they will break you down. Take time off the desk every two hours. Walk around the room, chat with a friend, take a snack, or just get out of the room. A break will rejuvenate your mind.

A break allows what you have already learned to sink. You return to the assignment fresh and inspired. The subconscious mind will get the time to repackage the information already available and produce new ideas for your essay.

7. Writing tools will make it easier

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Do not struggle with all writing tasks while you can get help from writing tools. The writing tools assist you to type, edit, enter citations, and format your paper, among other tasks. It means less work for your brain. You have more time and space to think about new and creative ideas for your paper.

Some of the tools help you to create an outline. Other apps will develop idea cards that help with brainstorming. As the apps make your work easier, your mind is free to develop more creative ideas. You can also get essay writing help from other sites if tools won`t be good enough for you.

8. Split the essay into manageable portions

A large assignment will feel like a burden to your brain. Split the essay into smaller manageable sections. You reduce pressure on your brain because the exercise increases the speed at which you write the essay. In the process, the mind gets more room to be creative.

9. Practice writing

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Writing is a skill. As you write more essays and passages, it will feel easier. Take every opportunity you get to write. The subsequent essays will be more interesting to read.

10. Change your writing venue

Take your laptop and head to the park. You may also use the balcony instead of writing inside the room. Treat the essay as a reason to go on a picnic or hike. Change of venue relaxes the mind. With a relaxed mind, you will produce more interesting ideas.

A relaxed mind will produce the most creative ideas. You also need to interact with more high-quality reference materials that will ignite your creativity. Write more and you will soon find it easier to produce the most compelling ideas.