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How Long Does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

by Jeon

We are constantly noticing advances in technology when it comes to different devices. Skateboard is just one of them and the progress is especially noticeable here. The electric skate allows for a much easier and faster ride. You don’t have to be particularly skilled. Better sliding on rough surfaces is also possible thanks to the rigid plastic insert.

Since skateboarding has long been not only fun but also a mode of transportation, today it is even more represented as such. So many use it to drive to work, school or some other location. This is why most people wonder how long their battery lasts.

Battery life

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The power source is a lithium-ion battery. It is built into the board. Although the power of this battery is not that great, there is another advantage. This refers to energy consumption. It would surprise you how small it really is, because you can cover a lot of miles with just one charge. Charging will take about 2 hours.

Depending on how you take care of it, the battery can last you up to 1000 charge cycles before it loses some capacity. This means you can use it daily for several years. Of course, such things mostly depend on the manufacturer.

How often should I charge the skateboard battery?

There are several approaches to charging it. For example, you can charge it each time before you want to use it. This way you will know that you can use a full battery and that you need to charge it afterward. Don’t forget the about the difference between models. This means that each has a different range.

Since it can vary, consider how often you use the board, how fast it can go. According to the Asiana Circus, biggest difference is when you compare adult models and for kids. If you use it occasionally, you will probably recharge it about once a week. It is also important how you take care of it or the health of the pool.

Remember that you are influencing her lifespan.  It may decrease if you do not charge the battery regularly. That is why it is important that you do it regularly. Only if you handle it carefully will you have a healthy battery for a long time. Such a battery should be kept at half capacity at all times.

How to charge the battery?

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The procedure is so simple. To understand it, it is enough to charge a smartphone battery once in your life. Although it is a very simple procedure, it is important to pay attention to a few things. Only then will you be sure that you have done the right thing.

When using the charger for the first time, make sure the green light is on to make sure it is connected to the power supply. Depending on the model, there are different charging ports, but they are mostly located next to the engine. Finally, you can always read the manual in which you will find a detailed explanation.

However, the red light on the charger is a sign that the batteries are in the process of being charged, while the green light is a sign that you have fully charged them. There are standard chargers on the market and those that offer faster charging.


It is important to note that almost every manufacturer will offer you a warranty, which means that your skateboard will last longer than one year. Of course, if you are not sure if you will get a guarantee, ask for it before buying. It is very important that you get it when you buy it, because that way you will be safe if something goes wrong.

Therefore, you will not pay additional costs for the purpose of replacing defects. However, it is not enough just to have a guarantee. The most important is the text contained in it. Therefore, you must read it in order to be fully informed about the warranty policy of the manufacturer of a certain brand.

You need to know that not all manufacturers are the same or have the same policy. Everyone will be treated differently with the repair, so don’t be guided by assumptions. Otherwise, the damage can cost you a lot.

Proper battery maintenance

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If you maintain the battery properly, you can significantly extend or shorten its life. So pay attention to this item. There are a few general rules you should follow. For example, the battery is always fully charged when it comes to first use. Know that there is a difference in range at the beginning and that should not worry you.

The reason is the controller in charge of the fuel gauge. During the first few charges, the battery needs to be fully charged and discharged. This speeds up the calibration process and provides more battery support. After the first use, charging is mandatory and it doesn’t matter how much you emptied it. Always top up after use.

The battery is cleaned with a damp cloth and never exposed to direct water. It is necessary to perform a regular inspection of the battery to avoid rust, moisture, and other damage. Note that the connector is mostly made of metal. This means that he is susceptible to such conditions.

Incorrect battery maintenance

In addition to this, there are things you should never do with the battery. For example, this refers to immerse the battery in water. Although the skateboard is resistant, it is not. The connector is never revealed because dust can easily reach the battery.

You must also not remove the connector, nor drive with the battery. It is kept at room temperature. Exposure to high temperatures is very dangerous for its lifespan. The worst case scenario would be to charge it to the end and then expose it to high temperatures. Be careful during the summer days.


So, the duration of your battery will depend on several factors. This refers to the frequency of use, maintenance and manufacturers. For example, if you rarely use a skateboard, be sure that it will last much longer. On the other hand, we cannot guarantee this for a product that comes from an unknown manufacturer.