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6 Ideas for Creating a More Organized Hallway

by Nina Smith

A well-organized hallway can create a pleasant first impression of the whole house. On one condition – if it is in order. Tips from this article will help you turn your hallway into a functional storage place for clothes, shoes, and useful little things.

Tips and tricks for organizing hallway:

1. Choose closed cabinets

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In a small hallway for storing clothes, provide a closed wardrobe or a built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors – so you visually expand the space. But open shelves and mezzanines will be inappropriate: storing things on them looks untidy – the room becomes even more cramped than it is.

2. Give preference to a rack with drawers

A more budget-friendly solution is a rack with roomy drawers inside. Choose models with a bright design – instead of laconic boxes, use colored plastic containers or cozy wicker boxes. This way you will save space and organize additional storage space for hats, scarves, and gloves.

3. Provide hooks for clothing at the entrance

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The bulky cabinet in the hallway is also easy to replace with compact and practical hooks. This option is especially relevant if there are children at home. And your guests or household will not have to wait for you to bring the hangers – just reach out and hang the outerwear yourself. Bags can also be conveniently placed here.

4. Get wall or floor hangers

A built-in wardrobe solves the problem of storing the bulk of clothes, but what about the things that are needed every day? And what to do in case of the arrival of guests? Install open hanger in the hallway: it does not matter whether it is a special rack or several hooks attached to the wall.

An open hanger is one of the features of the Scandinavian style. They do not clutter up space in the hallway, and you can take the necessary thing or wardrobe items at any time. It is important to maintain order on the hanger. To make its design more accurate, use plain hangers-hangers.

To make the hallway comfortable and functional, you can equip it with a modular storage system. Its advantage is the ability to change the content and configuration. For high winter boots, spacious shoe shelves are suitable – in the warm season, their height and location can be changed to fit the size of summer shoes.

Square hallways instead of closed cabinets are suitable for floor and wall hangers. So you will free up space and get enough space to accommodate seasonal outerwear. Instead of the classic wall design, you can install several hooks at different levels. So you will avoid the traditional problem-a visual “lump” of clothes on the wall.

5. Install shelves or cabinets for accessories

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Accessories in the form of hats or gloves, folders, and bags also require their place in the corridor. You need to free your hands at least to take off your street shoes. Therefore, housekeepers, decorative shelves, and cabinets at the entrance are not only a decoration of the hallway but also a useful, functional purchase.

6. Organize a place to store small items

For small items and accessories, small drawers, hanging boxes, or trunks in the chest of drawers are suitable. Also, the “organizers” can easily be hidden on the inside of the cabinet door. A hiding place for small things can also be a small tray or a shallow vase on the very cabinet where you leave your bag and gloves.

Don’t forget to think about the “shoe zone”. In order not to spread street dust and dirt around the apartment, organize something like a “shoe zone” in the hallway. Alternatively, place a separate mat at the entrance, where shoes or boots will be placed. Be sure to think about the place where you will put the basket for guest slippers – your loved ones will certainly appreciate your care!

Also, don’t forget to find room for umbrellas. Even in a small hallway, there is room for a narrow and high basket for umbrellas. In our country, the weather does not spoil the constancy, so the umbrella is a faithful companion for at least six months of the year. Therefore, it is worth providing a special place for it, especially since designers offer interesting solutions for every taste.

Why is an organized hallway important?

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A perfectly organized hallway is very important because the hallway can become a full-fledged room. It is only important not to turn it into a warehouse of unnecessary things. A good idea is to allocate a separate shelf for each family member. Then the shoes will not get in the way, and your favorite baseball cap will be right where you left it at the right time. The main thing is not to ignore anyone!

All in all, employing the tips from this article and focusing on better hallway organization, you get multiple benefits, such as:

  • Easier access to seasonal stuff. We all have seasonal gear – that stuff that we only suddenly need once a year and can never find or must turn the whole house upside down to reach it. That’s why your scarves, umbrellas, and skis are stored in the hidden places you may have in your hallway.
  • Keeping it clean. An organized hallway means a clean hallway, and when it gets dusty, it’s easier to clean it up when everything is sorted out and in place.
  • All set for urgent situations. Got an urgent meeting or another event you are late for? With all the racks in place and clothes and shoes in the right place, you can get in and out of home faster by just grabbing and throwing stuff on your way in/out.
  • Less family fighting. A neat, well-organized hallway is especially helpful when you need to get your kids geared up for school (even more especially if you have more than one kid).

These and other life-simplifying benefits can be achieved by simply taking good care of your hallway and focusing a bit on the domestic organization. To see many furniture options for organizing your hallway, visit roomservice360.com.