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Not so Common Dog Diseases

by William Gist

You probably have noticed that when your dog has become sick, he is not so friendly and sits in his bed in silence. This is usually the first sign that tells us something is not with our dog’s health. Another important sign that we see after their behavior changes, is they stop eating. This is when we immediately go to the vet or invite him home.

However, sometimes a dog can get a disease that does not show these regular symptoms that we are used to. Sometimes a dog can be sick and never even show any kind of symptoms of sickness. Some of these diseases are not as common, and people need to be aware of them, so they can prevent them or be prepared when you will need to cure your dog.

Here are some of the more uncommon dog diseases you should know about.



If you ever had a puppy, you know how their eating looks like. If you have not, it usually consists of you pouring the food in the bowl and the dog eating the whole bowl in just 3 seconds. This is completely normal, and after some time the dog will learn to be patient with its food and eat it calmly.

However, if your dog keeps that habit of gulping down food as fast as possible, it is at risk of bloat. Bloat basically means that the stomach of a dog is filled with air and then gets trapped. With the air trapped, there is also a possibility that the stomach turns and tangles which prevents the dog from vomiting.

If you want to prevent this from happening to your dog, try to teach him eating slowly.



While cancer is more common in older dogs, it is still uncommon for puppies or younger dogs. However, more than half of the cancers that can develop in dogs are curable. There are many types of cancer that your dog can develop, so there isn’t any real one to prevent this disease.

Although, by keeping your dog healthy, you can reduce the risk of cancer considerably. And by healthy, we mean that you need to keep your dog on a healthy diet. There are many diets out there that can either prevent cancer or help the dog throughout the whole cancer healing process. According to dogcancer.com, the dog food industry is one of the leading causes for the increase in cancer.

Kidney Disease


We usually see kidney failure at older dogs, or if your dog is under some serious medication. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to prevent this, as this disease develops over the years. This means you may not notice that your dog has a problem for years until he starts showing symptoms. However, by doing regular blood tests, you can find out if your dog has started developing such a problem. Luckily, there are a couple of medications that can help slow down the process and will give the dog a happy and long life that it deserves.