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4 Reasons Never To Face Criminal Or Dui Charges On Your Own

by Tracy Finke

Professions exist so that every task imaginable is carried out by certified professionals and not amateurs who just so happen to be there. The way civilization has always worked implies the existence of roles. Society cannot function if nobody does anything, but also if everyone does everything.

The lack of a streamlined career and being a true expert in an area is barely an imaginable concept for a modern human being. So why would then somebody risk being involved in something they know nothing about and expect a good outcome?

This is the main question of our article here today. Thinking that one can do the work of a professional who has gone through years of education and has decades of experience should not even really be a discussion.

This is especially true in the field of law, particularly with criminal and/or DUI charges. Defending oneself in court rarely goes as planned. Not only do those facing charges alone end up on the losing side more often than not, it is actually not something that anyone advises.

Why would you risk tour compensation, time behind bars, or even taking the fair amount of guilt by acting like your own lawyer? Well, you definitely shouldn’t and in the following paragraphs you can learn why. It makes much more sense to hire a lawyer who will help you get on top of the case and walk away as the winner. Keep reading to learn more about this and be sure to check out GrandCanyonLaw for more information especially if you are situated in Arizona.

1. No Education

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The field of law and the industry that the lawyers work in is a very intricate, complex, and wide one. It takes someone with a high degree of education to be a part of it. Passing the bar and becoming an official lawyer takes years and it is not something that can be done on a course.

True high-level academic work is required, which means that nobody who has gone through it can really do the job well. Since you (probably) lack this sort of education, you cannot expect to face criminal or DUI charges all on your own and win the case. It also does not matter if you are the one charged or if you are the victim in the case. Whatever the case looks like it will be an uphill battle simply because you possess no education that would prepare you for all the different stages and aspects of seeking justice and proving innocence.

3. No Experience

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Similarly to having no prior education in this area of study, a regular citizen cannot really hope to achieve any results on their own due to the lack of experience. Criminal and DUI cases are very broad and they can greatly depend on circumstances surrounding the accident.

Charges can exist for both parties or even more than two. Every little detail that led to the accident matters, which means that someone who is not a professional will struggle to comprehend it. It is very overwhelming even when you know a thing or two about the legal system. You could even have a little bit of knowledge or education.

However, experience is a whole other thing. Without years of serving the community and numerous cases under your belt, nobody can expect to win a legal battle. Nothing can beat experience which is why you should always hire a lawyer to lead your defense and help you get out on top. Mind that a younger lawyer does not necessarily has to be a less experienced one. A difficult case is worth more than multiple easy ones, meaning age is not really the only determining factor when judging experience.

3. The Other Side Will Not Do It

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Believing that the other side you are fighting against in a legal battle will also be without a lawyer is a good way of ruining your chances beyond repair. Never expect anyone to appear in court without a lawyer. This is one of the reason why you should also lawyer up if you are ever involved in a DUI or a criminal charge.

Doing the most in order to be free of the charges means hiring a good lawyer, so naturally the other party will do it. If you fail to do the same it means going up against an educated, trained, and experienced professional who will have no trouble beating you and getting their client an easy win. Imagine playing a sport for the first time and immediately being pitted against a professional athlete in some kind of a competition. The differences between these two are not that far apart. Escape this struggle and hire a lawyer so that you even the odds and improve your chances.

5. The Right Lawyer Has Seen It All

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This may seem like another way of talking about experience, but there is more to it than simply spending time in an industry and doing your job for long. As stated, both criminal charges and those involving people driving under the influence are quite common.

However, despite this, no two are ever the same. A good lawyer will have already seen a lot of different cases by the time you come up as their client. Thanks to being involved in a wide variety of cases they are able to build a strong for their client, i.e. you, and help them win their court battle.

Choosing the tight lawyer matters here because law is a very wide field. You probably know that almost every small area or type of case has its own lawyers who specialize in it. If you are facing criminal charges, you will need a lawyer whose bread and butter are criminal cases. The same goes for traffic accidents involving driving under the influence. There are lawyers who are willing to accept just about any case, but picking someone highly specialized for your own type of battle is always the best choice.