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4 Natural Remedies to Help Your Dog’s Allergies – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

Having a pet is almost like having a child, but the difference is, the furry friend will never be able to communicate with you and tell you if it is sad or in pain. Taking care of a dog brings so much joy, but it also brings so much responsibility. You have to take care of it and always look after it. These animals are relatively easy to look after, and depending on the breed that can have fewer or more health issues. The statistic shows that not all dogs are prone to have allergies, but those that do can lead to serious health complications and in some rare cases, even death. Because of that, you need to stay on top of your puppy’s health and know what to do in case it gets sick.

In this 2024 guide, we are going to list some of the natural remedies you can use to help your puppy out when it is experiencing symptoms of hypersensitivity to food, dust, or any other allergens. Continue reading if you want to learn what the best course of action and when it is time to take it to the vet.

1. Herbal soaks

Source: drfoxmag.com

If you notice that your puppy is having an itch, and if you notice that it is scratching the dry skin too much, you need to act fast. Some insects can cause this, so you need to check if it is really allergies, or if the cause is something else.

In case your dog is itching because of allergies, you need to use herbal soaks to calm its irritated skin down. There are several ways to do this, and the easiest one is to brew some camomile tea. In case you don’t have camomile, you can use other types of tea that you commonly use on yourself to calm your organism down.

After the tea is cooled down, you can either spray it directly on your puppy’s skin or you can soak a cloth in it, and put it on your dog. Depending on its temper, you can do one or both of them. Don’t rinse the tea, and continue with the treatment for at least a few days.

2. Oatmeal

Source: dogsrealty.com

It is said that giving your puppy a bath with oatmeal is going to soothe any irritation it may experience. The best thing about this product is that you can choose to make it at home, or you can just purchase colloidal oatmeal. This means that you need to purchase it as a fine powder, but you can also grind it at home. The most important thing you should pay attention to is that it is sugar-free.

You should notice a difference right after the treatment, because oat has anti-inflammatory properties, and it should soothe irritated skin. Don’t exfoliate the skin of your furry friend, just press the ingredient mixed with water on it. Take your time, and make sure you cover every surface of their body. Wash the oatmeal with lukewarm water, and if needed, repeat this after a few days.

3. Vinegar

Source: thelabradorsite.com

This may sound strange, but apple cider vinegar has some really good anti-inflammatory properties, and it is considered to be a safe relief for any itching and scratching your puppy may experience. One of the biggest reasons why your furry friend is scratching is fleas. So, before you do anything else, you need to get rid of all the fleas that are infesting your home or your dog’s house. Naturalremedyideas.com suggests that you should not only spray your home and garden, but you should also disinfect or throw away your puppy’s toys, and you have to clean its bed as well.

After doing this, you should mix equal amounts of vinegar and water, and treat your pet. You can spray directly on the infected skin or fur, or you can do cold compresses. Make sure there are no open cuts on their skin before you do this, because even though vinegar will not harm them, it may cause some pain. See how your puppy reacts, and if they are in pain, continue with other treatments before you move to this mixture.

4. Coconut oil

Source: petsnurturing.com

You probably already know about all the health benefits coconut oil has. It is recommended to cook with, it can help your skin look better and it can bring the shine in your hair. This product helps with digestion and is known to improve people’s overall health. Well, almost every product that is great for us, is good for our furry friends, and coconut oil is one of them.

This product is recommended for any type of allergies your dog may have, and you can combine it with their food, or you can put it directly on your pet’s skin. It has antifungal properties, and it is a great way to get rid of unwanted bacteria. As you already know, this product becomes solid when it’s exposed to low temperatures, and when the oil is cold, it can give additional relief to your dog. So, put it in the fridge at least one hour before the treatment, and use it on the infected skin once or a few times per day. Just make sure that your pet does not end up playing in dirt after the treatment because it is going to be hard to wash everything away.

Other things you can try include yogurt, aloe vera, and even baking soda. If you notice that your puppy is in pain, or if the skin gets more irritated, you need to stop the treatment right away, and wash the skin with pet soap, and lukewarm water.

All of these things are going to help soothe the allergies and the irritation, however, you should visit a vet just to make sure you know the cause and how to continue with the treatment. If you notice that your puppy has trouble breathing, or if it seems like it is in constant pain, you should not wait and test things out. Do what is best for your dog, and follow their reactions. You will notice if they feel relief and you will know if they are in bigger pain.