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Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2024 – Biography, Personal Life and Career

by Elsa Stringer

Looking at Tom MacDonald, who would have thought that a white male could rap and become as good as the black rappers. The stereotype for rapping is it’s for the blacks who are famous for their hood culture that signifies hip-hop. But here is Tom MacDonald, one of the best-rising hip-hop rappers.

Like other male rappers such as Eminem, MacDonald is again causing ripples in the music industry as he rises to take his place. Also, as his popularity increases, so does his income and overall net worth.

The first quick look of the star gives you tattoos, body piercings, and weird-looking dreads, but that’s not all. Despite his gangster-looks, MacDonald’s musical style and prowess amaze many as he is genuinely talented. What’s more, he is serious about his music career, and this is evident with his anger for drugs that he bashes each time he gets the chance. Well, who is Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald


Tom Macdonald is a Canadian rapper and media personality with a large fan base. He became famous after releasing his first track “Helluvit” in 2018. As of now, the star boasts of more than 500k YouTube Subscribers and over 140,000 Instagram Followers. He has also produced other tracks such as “Dear Rappers” that has garnered over 400 thousand YouTube views.

Early life

Tom MacDonald was born in September 1988 in Canada. Currently, he is 31 years old based on his birth year, with his birthday being n 21st September. The rapper was born to his mother, Lee Ann McDonald. He also has a sister who got married in July 2019. His father’s name remains unknown. Famous people that he shares a birthday with include Jason Derulo, Dave Coulier, Liam Gallagher, and Bill Murray.


Not much is known about Tom’s father and his family, but according to his social media handle, he is close to them. MacDonald is a family man and is evident by the numerous photos of his family in his social media posts.

He currently lives in Los Angeles on a visa due to his work and tight schedule. Living on a Visa has been a daunting task for the Canadian rapper as more than a time; he has faced legal challenges due to legal terminations of the US. Once on tour in LA, he was told by authorities that his visa had expired, yet he only knew it after two days were remaining. But the celebrity managed to bypass the risks and performed to his fans.

Tom MacDonald Net Worth

According to the latest celebrities’ net worth, Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper who is worth $700 thousand. He sources his primary income from rapping. The celeb also boasts of residential properties, lifestyle, and salary that contributes to his current net worth.

Tom MacDonald relationship

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Unlike most celebrities, Tom MacDonald has a public stereotype concerning relationships. He never shies away from disclosing his current partner, who is evident by his social media posts. He often showers her with love basing on their online pictures. Also, unlike most celebs who change partners frequently, Tom has always stuck with her partner Nova Rockafeller since 2017. Nova is a rapper, director, and producer who has over 35,000 followers on Instagram.

The two lovebirds have been friends since 2009, and they began dating in 2017. Recently, they celebrated their second valentines as a couple. As it is said, friendship blossoms into love and the saying works for the two duos. Each day, their love seems to blossom and flourish.

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What many do not know about the rapper is that he was a professional wrestler for Real Canadian Wrestling from 2004 to 2009. At the age of 17, his wrestling skills had pushed him through borders, and he was active in a bi-weekly TV show in Alberta. He also participated in the Pay Per View show in WWE with other notable WWE Superstars. Tom MacDonald’s wrestling career was successful, but he had a massive passion for music. So, he decided to quit wrestling to focus more on his musical career.

He is also a white male, and his song “White Male” spoke of the star’s complaints against racial demographics and white men being subjected to unfair stereotyping. In the song, Tom says that he is okay with black people, gays, immigrants, and LGBTs.

Tom MacDonald career

Tom ventured into rapping in the year 2009. At the time, he was working in a musical genre that blends hip hop, conscious rap, and alternative hip hop. In 2009-2013, MacDonald was still an artist trying to discover himself in the musical world and his ideal genre. But he is now a legitimate rapper, and a famous international act who loves to bash mumble rappers who he feels are a disgrace to the entire hip hop and music fraternity.

MacDonald posted his first YouTube Video “Wannabe” in May 2014. The same year, he published “Tom MacDonald- “Dear Rappers” song that received more than 500,000 YouTube Views.

From 2014, the rapper has continued releasing albums such as Lee Ann’s Son (2014) and See You Tomorrow (2015). Other albums include “Dream People& the Whiskey Wars (2015). His hit singles include Dear Rappers, Whiteboym Helluvit, Castles, Wannabe, If I change, Who I Am, Hour Glass, and Bout it.

MacDonald has been involved in a feud with fellow rapper Mac Lethal. The dispute ended in the star producing a diss track “Mac Lethal sucks” that received over 1.7 million views in five days.

Awards and achievements

During his musical career, MacDonald has received a notable number of nominations and awards. He received a nomination for the Prestigious Leo Award after most of his songs reached the national and global networks.
He has also performed as the significant support for Major Lazer, Mad Child, and Swollen Members.

Social Media

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Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper who currently resides in the US. His musical career is reaching the peak now thanks to his incredible vocal prowess. As time goes by, we should expect more track singles and albums from the artist. But it’s no secret that his musical career is reaching the top charts.