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Popular Myths about Perfumes You Should Avoid Carefully

by Tracy Finke

Perfumes are generally considered luxury grooming products meant for only the richer section of the population. For centuries, perfumes of various kinds have stood a mark of opulence and regency. From acclaimed dynastic emperors to globally influential people, perfumes have remained an inalienable part of everyone who has left a mark on world history.

Exquisite fragrances derived through different methods have always been a popular and much-cherished object of desire for many. Regardless of the extent of popularity and market grab the perfume manufacturing industry enjoys today, to thousands of people, scents are still an expensive grooming item with the least applicability.

Involving celebrity endorsements, expensive and alluring packaging methods and more have remained the primary reasons for such high prices for perfumes. However, companies like Dossier feel the need for making perfumes affordable for everyone.

They feel that the majority of the global population should have access to premium quality fragrances if the perfume industry is to flourish further. Therefore, they offer a premium range of authentic perfumes at pocket-friendly prices.

When you look for a good-quality perfume, keep the following misconceptions about scents in mind to choose intelligently and without submitting to any bigotry. Authentic perfumes stay for a long time and offer soothing fragrance and not the shocking notes that many chemical-dominated perfumes offer.

Myth 1: Expensive Perfumes Are Always The Best Ones

Source: allure.com

There is no doubt that the market has several brands of perfumes that keep a collection of expensive and authentic perfumes. But then, all products have varieties in terms of prices. Scents are also not an exception here.

The authenticity of perfume does not have a direct relationship with its price. Many a time, you will come across authentic fragrances with a pocket-friendly price tag. The common belief that perfumes are for the rich comes from this misunderstanding about the correlation between a perfume’s price and its originality.

Once you comprehend that you can buy affordable perfumes and still smell good, perfumes become an indispensable part of your grooming product assortment.

Myth 2: Rubbing Perfumes On Skin Ensures Long Staying Fragrance

Source: cosmopolitanme.com

Many people think that when you rub the perfume on your skin, the fragrance stays for a long time. The most commonly seen practice is spraying the perfume wrists and rubbing the place with another wrist. While this is one of the most common standards of wearing perfume, it does not add to the fragrance’s continuity.

If you have bought a bottle of premium fragrance from a reputed perfume brand, your scent will accompany you for long hours even if you spray t on your clothes. Rubbing the fragrance on the skin is not a proven method for elongating its impact time. Talk to the fragrance expert to know the real ticks and tips to make your fragrance stay longer.

On the other hand, most fragrances contain alcohol. When you spray the perfume on your skin, it might irritate your skin ad cause rashes on sensitive skin. When you rub the scent, the alcohol simply evaporates reducing the stay-time of the perfume.  Technically, rubbing your perfume on your skin is never a good idea.

Myth 3: The Best Way To Wear A Perfume Is To Spray And Walk Into It

Source: thriftyfun.com

Those who do not rub the scent on their skin prefer to walk into a cloud of perfume. In simpler words, people think that the best to wear perfume remains to spray it in the air and walk into it to let the sprayed particles sit on your clothes.

No matter how exotic and fancy the idea may appear, in reality, the particles of the perfume may enter your mouth, eyes, and nostrils. Consequently, you may feel irritation in those parts of your body. Additionally, most fragrances contain chemicals.

Therefore, allowing these particles inside your body regularly might not be a healthy idea for anyone. When you spray the perfume in the air, you end up wasting the majority of it. Therefore, this method is both harmful to your health and your pocket.

Myth 4: Scents Do Not Come With An Expiry Date

Most people think that perfumes do not expire. Even though an expiry date remains mentioned on the cover of the perfume pack, people believe that they can wear it long after that date. This is not true. All perfumes expire after a certain time.

If you keep your perfumes away from heat, moisture and other extreme conditions, the fragrance will remain intact for a longer time. However, if the bottle of the scent is not kept abiding by the guidelines, the concentration of the perfume may fade earlier.

The quality of fragrance changes when the scents begin to go bad. If you wear perfume regularly, you can notice the change in its quality once the expiry date is over.

Myth 5: The Same Fragrance Smells The Same On Everyone

Source: southernliving.com

When you put on your perfume after bathing, you smell fresh. But by the end of the day, the fragrance your body imparts becomes more of a combination of the day’s sweat, body oils and perfume. These elements fuse together to give out a very different fragrance. Since every individual’s body responds differently, the extent of bacterial growth on the skin, sweating, and secretion of natural body oils also vary from one to another.

Therefore, the same fragrance ultimately produces different notes for different people after a few hours of wearing the perfume. Therefore, the same fragrances do not smell the same on everyone. If you have a problem with strong body odor, choose your fragrances carefully. Strong scents might catch with your body odor to produce an even stronger smell.

Finding the best scent to augment your collection of grooming products is no longer a matter of monetary concern. Reputed brands offer premium fragrances that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Perfumes can now be a daily grooming item for all.

However, check the tips to buy a long-staying perfume, keeping all the aforesaid myths in mind. Any purchase becomes a worthy investment when you decide with a clear mind without succumbing to popular myths.