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How To Find Your Signature Scent That Will Last Longer?

by Edvard Berlusconi

Your scent plays a huge role in the first impression will have in you. Most of the time, they will remember you by your scent. Everyone wants to have a good first impression. Because at times, the first impression does last. And if you already have a signature scent, your close friends will know and recognize you through it. 

According to fragrance365.ca having a pleasant smell boost your self-confidence. To others whom you will bump into with if you smell good, you will be able to catch their attention. Whether you are wearing casual attire, formal attire, or corporate attire, if you smell good, that will surely add to your confidence.


It is also good to match your scent to the occasion you are going to attend. If it is casual events or you are going to the market, you don’t have to wear perfumes, you can wear light smelling colognes. Meanwhile, if you are going to attend a formal event, or you are going to speak with your boss in a corporate setting, you can wear perfumes. Moreover, if you are going to a whole day event, make sure to wear perfumes that last long. 

Here are some recommendations on what scent you should wear and make it your signature one:

For office use:

Tory Burch Eau De Parfum Spray By Tory Burch (for ladies)

  • This scent is very feminine because of its floral scent. This is recommendable because it is distinctive which makes it perfect for the category as your signature scent. This scent is not that heavy, it is not irritable on the nose yet recognizable. Your officemates will surely know right away if you are near just by smelling your scent.

Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette Spray By Giorgio Armani (for men)

  • This scent is fresh smelling because of the citrusy vibe on it. It is perfect for men who work in offices because of this perfume gives warm and friendly yet formal vibe to the one who will wear it. It is not irritable on the nose and it will surely add a masculine vibe.


For casual use:

Jimmy Choo Illicit Eau De Parfum Spray By Jimmy Choo (for ladies)

  • Jimmy Choo released this perfume in 2015 as their Eau De Parfum. This scent is perfect for the casual setting because it is not strong smelling yet there is spice on it. There is gingery and citrusy smell but with the sweetness of jasmine. 

Sauvage Very Cool Eau De Toilette Spray By Christian Dior (for men)

  • This perfume by Christian Dior adds masculinity to men because of the peppery freshness smell. There is a bit of spicy scent to it but freshness at the same time. It is perfect if you are just going to run some errands during casual days. It is not that hard smelling but it lasts long. 


For special occasions:

Beyonce Heat Eau De Parfum Spray By Beyonce (for ladies)

  • Imagine wearing the perfume of the most popular performers’ around the world on a special occasion, what does it smell like? You can try it for yourself. The brand of the perfume speaks for itself.

Allure Homme Sport Mini EDT Spray (for men)

  • Why this scent for special occasions? Because it has sporty vibe which speaks masculinity. It has spice and strong smelling. Best for special occasions so you will have a signature first impression right away.