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Are Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaners Worth The Money

by William Gist

Maintaining a certain level of cleanliness at home is essential to ensure the safety and health of everyone in the household, including yourself. To do that kind of maintenance, you will need to do some cleaning at least once in a few weeks and you also need to have all the right tools. Of course, and talking about brooms, mops, rags, detergents, and chemicals. But, the most important out of all the tools for cleaning has to be the vacuum cleaner. These devices have advanced a lot in these past few years which makes them even more essential.

Nowadays, a very popular option is the multi-surface vacuum cleaner which offers a lot more than all the older and standard models that you can buy for less than $100. They come with different benefits such as better suction power, better dust filter, more power, longer battery life, faster charging, and a lot more benefits that you could find useful.

However, these new and improved devices come at a heftier price. If you could buy a regular vacuum cleaner for $50 or less when used, this multi-surface one is going to cost you well over $150.

So, the question is, is it really worth the extra money? Whether the answer is yes or no to that question, we will determine that by going through several different factors.

They can help you save time

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Many of us hate the idea of cleaning the entire home mostly because it requires too much physical effort and it takes up a lot of time. During the weekend, all you want to do is just watch some TV, play video games or whatever else you want to do to relax. But, the only free time when you can maintain your home is during the weekend which means you have to give up on your free time.

First, you will need to do some sweeping with the broom to take care of any larger pieces of debris, dirt, or whatever else there is on the ground. Then, you have to spend a good half an hour or an hour vacuuming everything. And after that, you still have to go through with a mop to clean up any stains or greases.

Well, what if I told you that you could do all those three things with just one tool? Believe it or not, but it is possible to do everything with these more advanced multi-surface vacuum cleaners. You do not have to worry about using a broom because the suction is powerful enough to handle anything. Some of these even come with a small mop which allows you to clean stains even while you are vacuuming. It is a 3-in-1 solution.

In other words, you could considerably cut down the time needed to clean your house. If you are quick enough, you could probably be done in less than 30 minutes.


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These smart, multisurface vacuum cleaners are much more versatile than all the regular options on the market. They are lighter, easier to handle, more efficient while also providing more power. It is much more versatile allowing you to perform well on any kind of floor. Since you are not tied by a cord, you can get to any spot and in any room.

As you can see on https://imoosoo.com/products/best-suction-4-in-1-cordless-vacuum-cleaner-x8, some of these models even come with an adjustable extension and a lot of other components to access tighter spaces.

Heftier price tag

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Even though there are a lot of benefits to buying a multi-surface vacuum cleaner, we cannot ignore the fact that most of those models come with a heftier price tag. And, the rise in the pricing is definitely not something we can ignore. If a standard model which comes at a $50 price tag can satisfy all of your cleaning needs, is it really worth to pay $100 extra to get more fancy features?

This is a big dilemma and it is up to you to decide whether all those advantages or benefits are worth the extra money. For example, some people would not care about the extra suction power or the additional components that come with the model. Some people just want a regular brush, a basic suction power of 12Kpa and that’s about it.

However, if you are not satisfied with the performance of all those regular models, it is probably a good idea to pay a little bit extra to get all those advantages. For those that are looking for extra suction power that goes up to 24Kpa, a better dust HEPA filter, and a larger battery, you should definitely be looking at the high-end price range.

Keep in mind, if you do your research, you might find something that has a smaller price tag or you might find something that is more expensive. It is up to you to decide which model will satisfy your needs.

If $100 or more is too much for you, I suggest checking out the secondhand market. I am sure that you will be able to find an alternative for much better pricing.

No need for maintenance

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If there ever is one thing that satisfies the bigger price tag on multisurface vacuum cleaners, it has to be a small need for maintenance. These more expensive models are made out of high-quality materials which means they want to break down as much. Once you buy it, I am sure that it will last you for years and years before it starts showing off symptoms of wear and tear.

Of course, since you are spending more money, you also probably get a longer warranty period. Many of the standard $50 models do not even get a warranty. So, I guess that the low-maintenance and warranty should be an advantage that you need to take into consideration.

As you can see, there are a few downsides when it comes to buying a multisurface vacuum cleaner, but I believe that the advantages outweigh any problems or disadvantages. If you have the money and if you want to keep your house clean, then I think that they are worth the money.