Like Mother Like Daughter: The Duo With Unique Hair Conquered the Internet!

by Tracy Finke

When a new baby is born, family and friends immediately begin to compare the baby with their mother or father. They find similarity in the nose, the smile, or maybe the way they respond to the environment. For a new mother, Brianna Worthy, from the US, the resemblance to her daughter is more than evident. Baby has an identical white streak through her hair as her mother.

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You may be wondering why, but when you see what this little girl looks like next to her mom, everything becomes clear. The little girl named MilliAnna was born with a specific birthmark, only not on her body but in her hair, in the form of the white streak. This is a very rare case and occurs due to a lack of pigmentation in the hair.

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Check out the full story in this video:

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