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Most Affordable Veneers In The World

by Edvard Berlusconi

In human life, dentistry has a big role, the human eye always sees teeth first then other details of the face, and because of this reason, your teeth can be a selling point! Till childhood, we always take care of our teeth but unfortunately, not all of us are lucky or taken care of oral hygiene well. Nowadays cosmetic dentistry is very popular and is available for people all over the world.

Veneers are maybe the most popular cosmetic dental treatments all over the world. People who want to have straight teeth and white smile prefers this dental treatment.

For example; a patient who wants to have perfect teeth by veneers could have it in 5 days or less, so you could have a perfect new smile in 5 days. Some clinics may offer you 3 days time period for a full set of veneers.

What is Dental Veneer?


The procedure generally starts with filing down teeth process. Veneers need a space on teeth so filing down process will create this space.

Veneers could have 2 options like sizes, laminate veneers, and normal veneers. These option preferences depend on patients’ teeth if the patient has crowded teeth and missing teeth veneers may not be a good option. Veneers might be broken time by time by the patient’s bite force.

Generally, all over the world, there is a misunderstanding between dental veneers and dental crowns, nearly 90% of patients are getting dental crowns because of the problem which we spoke before. If a patient has missing teeth, crowded teeth and the especially biting problem could be only solved by dental crowns.

What is Dental Crown?


Dental crowns are nearly similar dental treatments as veneers but the only difference is dentist will shave a bit more of the teeth than veneers especially dentists need to shave back side of the teeth too.

Research shows that dental crowns are the best option for patients who wants to have a perfect smile for a long period, instead of veneers, dental crowns are very strong and stable for a long time.

Types Of Dental Veneers and Crowns


As we have spoken before there are some shape options for veneers but also there are options for materials, such as Ee.max veneers or zirconium veneers. If you are looking for a Hollywood white smile. Zirconium crowns will be the best option for you. Zirconia material could give the best color options for patients.

The other most popular material is E.Max which has been founded by IPS company. E.Max could give the patient more natural smile thanks to E.Max great transparency layer. Not all of the patients could have IPS E.Max veneers or crowns, if the patient has missing teeth, root canal treatment or rotten teeth E.Max can’t hide these faults, at that time again Zirconium veneers or crowns will be the best option for the patient.

Known zirconium manufacturers in the world are, Sirona, Kuraray Noritake. Sirona’s CEREC® and Kuraray Noritake’s KATANA™ zirconia blocks are known as the best ones on the market.

Dental Veneer Prices

Dental veneers are generally a bit expensive especially in the UK or USA, you may pay more than 500$ per veneer, the total cost for a full set of veneers might cost at least 10.000$ in these countries. But nowadays people find a new way of traveling and finding better prices for dental veneers. People who need dental treatments invented a new kind of travel “Dental Travel”. Having a holiday and visiting the dentist abroad is now a good way to save money.

These countries which have been listed below are the most popular dental travel destinations all over the world, in this list now Turkey is 1# all over the world for dentistry. In global medical tourism rankings, Turkey is in the top ten countries. For example, SmileDentalTurkey offers a full set of veneers that might cost £ 3000, they will  offer  you20 zirconium veneers with free accommodation.

Veneer Prices All Over The World

Hungary, veneers start from £285

Poland, veneers start from £400

Thailand, veneers start from £240

Mexico, veneers start from £400

Turkey, veneers start from £170

Dental Travel


Dental travel a new way of travel for people who wants to have a holiday and dental treatments at the same time. Especially in Europe, Turkey, Hungary, and Poland are the most popular destinations but Turkey is maybe the most affordable one in the world now.

In Turkey, you could save more than %60 with veneers and Turkey is now maybe the center of veneers in the world. All dentists are very experienced and day by day Turkish dentists are offering a new way of dental treatments for veneers such as whitest teeth in the world.

If you ask why Turkey is the most affordable country; the answer is easy in recent years Turkey has a big economic crisis and like Argentina, they lost a lot of value against other currencies. Workforce and life living costs very maybe the most affordable ones in Europe.

Is There Any Guarantee For Veneers In Turkey

Generally people afraid of having dental treatments abroad but normally they shouldn’t afraid because dental clinics in Turkey are giving 5 years guarantee for veneers and they have no worries warranty which means that in any case they will buy your plane tickets and will solve your problems as soon as possible.

How Long Dental Veneers Treatment Takes?

Generally, patients need 5 days for their new dental veneers. Especially In Turkey, even they could finish your dental treatment in 3 days. For more comfortable dental travel 5 days is the best period for your new smile.

The procedure starts with filing down teeth process, It will take maybe 1 or 2 hours and in just a couple of hours, you will have your temporary teeth. So you might think that why we need 5 days for your smile because the most important part to have a new veneers labs process. In laboratory zirconium veneers and E.max veneers need at least 48 hours for manufacturing. Especially zirconium blocks should rest in the fridge at least 24 hours.

How Long Veneers Last?


Dental veneers could last for at least 10 years but this time depends on patient’s oral hygiene if the patient doesn’t take care of his/her oral hygiene patient could have gum disease and gums are the most important part for oral hygiene.

Patients should brush their new teeth and should do mouth wash every day.

Is Dental Veneers Process Pain-Free?

If we compare dental veneers with dental Implants or root canal treatments, dental veneers are totally free dental treatments. The patient’s biggest problem will be sensitive on his/her gums while with temporary dentures.

Because of dental veneers pain-free and fast results procedure, thousands of people are traveling to Turkey for having dental veneers.

When I should Renew My Veneers or Crowns?

Dental veneers or dental crowns won’t last forever as every material they have time-limited period. Recent improvements extended their time period. Many trademarks are guaranteed for 5 years, general researches show that veneers could last at least 10 – 15 years. Patients should take care of their oral hygiene during these time periods otherwise gum disease or cysts on the root may affect all processes.

Renewing dental veneers or crowns will be much easier than the first step, in 48 hours you could have your new ones shining bright!