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Mobile Phone Fashion – Extravagant Mobile Phone Sleeves

by William Gist

Today, mobile phones are our loyal companions. No matter where we go, the mobile phone is always there. And of course our constant companion should also make a good impression. For a long time now, the mobile phone has not only been a telephone, but also a design object.

In addition to protective sleeves and bags, there is also a wide range of accessories and other embellishments. Protective sleeves not only have to protect, they also have to look beautiful. In recent years, designers have also included the mobile phone cover as an object and carried out design studies.


From eccentric to extravagant everything is possible. And the sheer endless possibilities with which you can design your mobile phone protective cover today allow you to decorate your mobile phone exactly according to your personality. But what trends are there really?

In recent years, designers have tried to design covers that hide the phone. At first glance, the phone can no longer be recognized as such. There are large and small protective covers in different shapes such as teddy bears, cameras, bags, jewellery and make-up sets and many more, which you have to look at several times to see that in reality a mobile phone is hiding inside. This is great fun, but it can also protect against theft or other misuse. Such mobile phone cases are available in countless shapes, colours and materials. But they look more playful than extravagant.


So if you like it more stylish, you can put your mobile phone in designer clothes. Many renowned designers today offer suitable fashion for the mobile phone. Even big names in the fashion industry no longer shy away from fashionably decorating the world’s most popular everyday object. Materials, shapes and colours often follow the trends of haute couture as they are presented on the catwalks of the world. So you can show that you are not only technically up to date with your mobile phone, but also have taste and fashion awareness. Such protective covers aren’t cheap, but extravagance comes at a price.


Meanwhile, a good and cheaper alternative is offered by the trend towards mobile phone pouches for hanging around. With the help of a stylish strap attached to the case, the mobile phone can be worn around the neck or shoulder as a mobile phone necklace, for example. This makes the phone itself a fashionable eye-catcher.

In general, you can also design your mobile phone individually. The more opulent and flamboyant, the more extravagant it looks. Individual design doesn’t have to mean that you really do it yourself. There are now also mobile phone fashion designers who specialize in creating individual protective sleeves and accessories for mobile phones.

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