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What is the Purpose of Microsoft Teams

by William Gist

Staying in contact and up to date with multiple people, every day is very difficult. I would say that it is even impossible if you do not have the right tools for that. Having to receive and respond to dozens of SMS messages and calls from coworkers, friends, and family members is quite a hassle. Fortunately, there are online that can make this kind of communication easier. One of the best and most used tools today is Microsoft teams. In 2024, it is especially popular because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, is there a reason why anyone would use Microsoft teams over other applications such as Skype, Slack, Google G Suite, Flock, and others? Well, I think that it depends on your needs. Some applications might prove more useful to you than others.

In this article, I am going to specifically talk about Microsoft Teams, what is its purpose, and the reasons why you should prefer it over other solutions. Keep in mind, I will try to keep this as objective as possible. If you ever find a better alternative, go ahead and use it.

Made to be simple

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One of the most common problems with all of these communication applications is that they can be very complicated to set up. This can be a serious problem for a business that wants to form a group/channel with multiple people. If most of those people are not very tech literate, getting into contact can be almost impossible.

Having to individually set up the software for every single one of your coworkers or employees is not exactly optimal. That would take days or even weeks.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams is very user-friendly. Even those that are not very familiar with computers could set it up quite quickly if they properly follow the guide.

It is also quite simple to maneuver as the leader of a channel or group chat. Creating new conversations, threats, or calling multiple people is as simple as one click. The user interface is very obvious and every option is right there on your screen. Nothing is hidden and you do not have to go through different settings to find what you are looking for.

Security and encryption

Whether you are talking with a friend or coworker, you expect that the information about your conversation is always confidential. The files that you send or receive should be private and no one should have access to them. Unfortunately, that kind of security is not present in every communication software. Many of them have had some serious security breaches. That can be a serious problem and it is probably not worth the risk.

Microsoft has always been very careful when it comes to security and encryption. Even since the days when Skype was one of the few communication platforms online, it still had great security and it does today. That same security or maybe an improved level of security can be found in Microsoft Teams.

Every single file or data that you sent to the application is completely encrypted and is always safe.

Thanks to the two-factor authentication implementation, that makes things even more secure. Just make sure that all of your users are utilizing that feature for double security. Otherwise, their accounts are exposed to hackers.


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Many of these business/school communication programs can only be found on Mac or Windows computers. That is not necessarily bad, but it can be frustrating for people that do not have direct access to a computer. Some would prefer connecting from their tablet or phone.

Most companies avoid making phone applications for the software because it is quite complicated and they are prone to security breaches.

But, when it comes to Microsoft Teams, it is an entirely different story. Whether you have the latest flagship Samsung phone or iPhone, or any other Android device, you can just download the software and use it just as well as anyone else. If you want to know more about the availability of devices, you can read more here.

Basically, there is no need for a desktop or laptop to communicate with coworkers or friends. The best thing about the application is that they have all the features that you can find on the desktop version.

To improve team collaboration

One of the main selling points of Microsoft Teams is the fact that it provides a platform where employees of one company can collaborate much more efficiently. With the integration of real-time collaboration, multiple people can work on just one project at the same time.

For example, if you are working on an Excel file, you could upload it on your group chat and everyone can get a live view of exactly what you are doing. If you want, you could also provide access to your Excel file, allowing them to work on it together with you.

This is a great solution to many problems. You do not have to regularly upload and update the file every time someone makes a change. This is a great timesaver for everyone.

This may not seem like every impressive feature, but when you consider that many other similar applications do not have anything near this kind of feature, Microsoft Teams definitely comes out on top.

Better team communication

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At its most basic level, this program is basically made for communication. But, when you consider all the features that I mentioned above, this application is bound to make the communication of your employees much better. Once a TV improves their way of communicating and contacting each other, their level of efficiency and performance will improve considerably.

As a very successful company, Microsoft understands that very well which is why they created such a good program. They want other companies to see the benefits of superb communication between coworkers.

I think that the idea and purpose of Microsoft Teams are very apparent and obvious. They tried and succeeded to create a very competitive product which would also be very useful for many people and a lot of start-up businesses.