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Methods for Starting Your Investment Journey in Crypto

by Tracy Finke

Each day more and more investors and if you are just starting out as an investor or trader in the crypto market, it can be a tough call to choose a path and learning about investment methods is an ardent task. There is very little information about this topic.

And, on top of everything, no one can spoon feed you in the investment field. that makes you vulnerable to the challenges that a beginner faces in the crypto market. While it is one thing to learn about the crypto market and investment, learning about the methods and mastering them is a whole different thing.

However, this can’t be so easy, simple, and straightforward after all. Of course, experienced people, professionals, and experts possess prior knowledge about the crypto market. Do you have enough knowledge as an ordinary person about the same? You cannot adventure in the financial markets.

This holds ground for crypto markets too. especially without prior and adequate knowledge.  That is why it is important for you to learn some of the most important things before investing in cryptocurrency stocks. This article deals exactly with that. Without any further ado, keep scrolling to amass a wealth of knowledge.

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Ways to invest in cryptocurrency

1. Exchanges

There are a hell of a lot of exchanges if you are looking for ways to start your portfolio in the crypto world or invest and earn profits. There are centralized and decentralized exchange markets. The choice totally depends upon you. Hence, you are not limited by opportunities or choices.

The global community of crypto investors is active in these digital exchange places and hyper-actively participate in the trading. You can find some reasonable and affordable deals for you. Just try to stay active and find a deal that best suits your purpose and interest. Hence, the exchange is one way to start your investment portfolio in the crypto world and start really big to earn profits.

2. Wallets

Source: cybermatters.info

Wallets are defined as software that helps or allows you to store and save your digital currencies. This is a technology that provides high security and safety mechanisms. Some of the wallets educate you and allow you to trade and invest in particular or all of the cryptocurrencies. You just need to start an account or create your wallet to get started.

Compared to all other options, wallets are by far the safest if you are a beginner or novice. You can even be saved from cheats or hacks. Hence, wallets are one way to start your cryptocurrency investment journey.

3. Trading

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There are more traders in the crypto market than investors. These stakeholders trade their assets with others in exchange for other assets. This trading system usually differs according to the requirements and interests of the traders.

However, you need to possess decent knowledge before jumping into these deep waters. Traders in this industry are usually very active and wise. Hence, you need to be careful and clever to excel in this field. Therefore, trading is another best suggestion to start with and you can amass a significant amount of wealth this way.

4. Mining

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This method is not available and accessible to everyone. You need to be a coder and should have some basic technical setup to start. Also, it is not possible for everyone because you need to possess some fundamental knowledge in the coding sphere. mining is nothing but a process of programming to approve, acknowledge, or mine a bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for that matter.

You need to have a computer and some knowledge. Plus, it takes a lot of time compared to other methods of gaining cryptocurrencies. Hence, try this method only if you are confident enough. Else, it is a waste of time.

5. Buying

Directly buying cryptocurrencies is one hassle-free way to amass a lot of crypto wealth. Be it online or offline, you will find a lot of investors, traders, and peers like you investing and selling, and buying cryptocurrencies. This is a good, simple, and relatively easy way to start, especially if you are a beginner.

However, basic knowledge is a must to avoid losing your hard-earned cryptocurrencies. The volatility and other factors should be weighed before trying it and don’t invest all in the same and one currency alone.

6. NFT marketplace

Source: criptopato.com

NFT is one famous and growing trend in digital token currency. Although this is different as compared to cryptocurrencies, the marketplace has investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts too. Hence, you can find some good deals here too if you are lucky enough. This is just like a barter system or buying and selling kind of activity.

However, be sure and careful with who you trust and associate with only credible and reliable people to avoid being conned.  So, here are the six amazing ways for you to gain cryptocurrency, to begin with. For any method, it is essential to have some basic knowledge about the volatility and functioning of the crypto market to avoid losses. You can choose any of these methods as long as you are wise enough to save some bucks for yourself.


It is difficult to survive the volatility without prior knowledge about the investment methods. That includes all the methods mentioned above. Even professionals and experienced people may sometimes forget the accessibility and availability of these options, to be particular. But eventually, you will have to bear the brunt of it.

That is why it is important to know all of the choices available to you. You cannot place all your eggs in one basket and sit idly. You need to be aware of all the available options to invest wisely. Therefore, buying is not the only option. These and a lot more choices are available to you to amass wealth in cryptocurrency.