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How to Write Instagram BIO and Link in BIO

by Tracy Finke

Instagram’s posts are often accompanied by phrases like ‘link in bio’, ‘check out the link in bio’, ‘see link in bio’, and so on. In fact, this is how bloggers and companies grab users’ attention and bring people directly to their website or online store. It’s a way to sell products directly from Instagram.

Moreover, Instagram supports businesses and entrepreneurs and even has built-in features to help shop promotions. Keep on reading to find out how to add ‘link in bio’ and more tips for using Instagram for business, following the best platforms practices.

Link in Bio useful tips

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Profile bio displays the main information about the account. Bloggers and businesses usually have a website URL link in the bio.

So links can be easily added to the profile. It is required to have a business account to utilize the most advanced features. Considering it’s free to register it’s recommended to register as a business to have access to more options on the platform.  There are however some restrictions.  While Twitter and Facebook allow adding many different links, only one link can be added to Instagram bio. And yet there are some tips on how to place multiple links on Instagram.

How to add a link to bio

This is a 3 step instruction on how to add a link in bio:

  1. Go to your profile on Instagram
  2. Chose Edit Profile
  3. Add a link to the website

More suggestions for profile links and bio

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If you are a blogger or business and want to grow keep in mind the following:  bio is where visitors look and decide whether they want to buy your product or services, therefore it needs to look attractive and show what you are offering. In a few short words describe yourself and your business, show your knowledge and expertise (e.g. write about what your company does, why your products are good, what is something special about your company).

If you are a blogger, show what you do (ex. you teach singing or drawing or photography). After you can state that more information is on a website and place a website link.

Tips for link bio efficiency

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  •  Businesses and entrepreneurs Instagram Bio will benefit from offering various promotional offers and coupons. Sale and discounts always attract users and turn them into buyers. Include promotional offers in bio to increase clicks, conversion and sales.
  •  If you want to promote your YouTube channel or you released a new video and want more views, you can simply add a link to your new video.
  • If you are an influencer our entrepreneur link your website so your followers can see and purchase your courses and tutorials.
  • Add link in bio to advertise your online store. Users will be redirected straight from the Instagram page to your store.

Which link you can use?

As previously mentioned, it is one link per bio allowed, but thanks to the service called TapLink, it is now possible to introduce and direct users to various platforms. Practically, it still looks like one link in the bio. But when the user clicks on that link, then multiple links become available. It can be any links to of a choice, such as any social network channel YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc.

As well as your online store and your website; it also can be an online form for the newsletter. These tools are pre-designed with hundreds of templates available and are user-friendly. You can even make your personalized design within minutes.

It gives users a choice of platforms they want to participate in or follow you on. This is the way to avoid one link restriction.

A brilliant tool for everyone

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This tool is advantageous for bloggers, entrepreneurs, influencers, musicians, businesses, teachers, beauticians, and actually for everyone who wants to grow an online audience, establish businesses, sell products or services, online courses, etc. It is a brilliant tool for creating multiple links on Instagram profile bio.

Other ways to post links on Instagram

In stories. Instagram’s users love stories and, therefore, placing links inside stories is a considerable way to capture users’ attention. Once highlights have been created, the stories with links will not disappear within 24 hours.

The use of highlights, stickers, designs will attract more users and persuade them to follow the link.

  • Paid Promotion
  • For the owners of a business account, it is possible to place a link within a paid post.
  • Shoppable posts
  • Posts are shoppable

The idea here is user experience. Once users tap on a screen, they see product prices.

To make a shoppable post, it is needed to make a catalog on Facebook first. Add links to items and connect tags to posts. The icon for posts with shoppable texts appears on the main page on Instagram.

Users that are interested in products only need to tap to shop. Users then get redirected to the official store to make a purchase.

Action buttons

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Action is clickable buttons that help businesses to receive orders and reservations. Businesses can add phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, and other details, so users can contact them directly from Instagram. This increases customer conversion and promotes sales.


The methods covered by this article are widely used by influencers and big companies. If you are a beginner blogger or business and want to grow on Instagram we strongly recommend utilizing the instruments we spoke about in this article : ‘link in bio’, ‘call to action’, for multiple link creation, links in stories, promotion posts, link to your website, link to tour shop, action buttons, create catalog. These techniques are supported by Instagram and help follow the best practices on the platform.