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Melissa Riso Teases With Poolside Bikini Photos

by Elsa Stringer

Actress and model Melissa Riso is famous for posting steamy revealing snaps of her beautiful body. Her latest content includes poolside pics where she can be seen lying in a turquoise two-piece bikini.

Image source: Instagram

The beauty struck a provocative pose, with one arm behind her head, looking away from the camera. Her sculpted figure and bronze tan are in the center of the photo, as is her belly tattoo, with which she covered a 6-inch scar from a high school car accident.

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A lot of you don’t know why I had a tattoo on my stomach. It was covering a 6 inch scar from a bad car accident I was in during my freshman year of high school. I was very insecure with having a scar so I drew this tattoo and paid $40 to get it covered. I never wanted ink on my body like that but it was a security blanket for me. Over the years the tattoo has held me back from acting and modeling jobs. I’ve been made fun for it for 10 years. I’d still be a little embarrassed to be in crop tops and bikinis. Now that I’m older I made the decision to get rid of the tattoo and expose my battle scars. I want to thank @simoniplastic for changing my life. I’m getting emotional just writing this! ? This photo is just one treatment with him! I’m so impressed! It’s almost gone!!! I think I’ll do one more treatment to completely eradicate all the ink, but this is such a life changing thing for me… very emotional…but in a good way! Goodbye to years of insecurity and pain… ? Thank you @simoniplastic ? #tattoo #laser #lasertattooremoval #tattooremovalspecialists #plasticsurgery

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She oiled her body for the shoot, and the overall shine was further accentuated with the golden details of the bikini. The beauty accessorized the look with earrings, bracelets, and a gold chain. She also wore full makeup for the photo session.

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“All I want in life is to give love and be loved…,” reads the caption below, while the comment section contains nothing but praise from her fans.

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Image source: Instagram

“A very hot pose and a beautiful figure, honey,” said one happy fan, while another wrote, “You look breathtaking.”

The bombshell Melissa Riso has over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page, where most of her pics include her wearing racy outfits, bikinis, and tight dresses.