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Meghan McCain Destroys Ivanka Trump Over Instagram Post!

by Sinisav

WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 03/21/2020: Ivanka Trump was heavily criticized by The View’s host Meghan McCain. The reason was the first daughter’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Her co-host, Sunny Hostin, also belittled her colleagues from the White House for their mishandling of the entire coronavirus crisis. Their outbursts happened during the Friday show. Ivanka wasn’t the only one criticized. Both women also aimed at her husband, Jared Kushner, stating that the two of them are together in this.

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McCain gave her explanation for the dislike of Donald Trump’s daughter and his son-in-law. She said: “When you are a White House adviser and you want to create policy, you got that hat on. When you want to be a mom at home talking about how to entertain your kids, you got that hat at home. And I get moms can do everything. I get it. It’s not that she can’t talk about being a mom at the same time, but I haven’t heard anything – the three of us are raging about masks and ventilators.”

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These days Ivanka is under a lot of fire. Today she is a person who is in public service, but she often forgets this. Considering how her father acts, she isn’t a very good adviser. Just yesterday, she was criticized for her comments and advice for parents who are home with their children following coronavirus pandemic.

Another thing Meghan McCain wasn’t satisfied with was the fact that Ivanka was born and raised in New York City, an area which is hit the hardest by this virus, and that she doesn’t do anything to help on the spot.

The View host commented: “It’s incredibly tone-deaf to me if you are Jared or Ivanka right now. I am enraged in a way that I haven’t felt in a very long time about anything. So, it’s just sort of strange to me – when they want to be policy advisers, they’re policy advisers when it’s easy and convenient. But when crap’s really going down, and there’s a huge crisis, you want to put beautiful Instagram photos up, and I, for one, am not interested in it.”

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