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Many Uses of Magnets

by William Gist

The most known association with magnets in the world generally speaking is our refrigerator door, right? The ways to use magnets have many more options than you can even imagine. Because this is often something that people overlook, we must mention what exactly you can and already have in the form of magnets help. Basically, the magnet is a natural substance that draws things like iron or nickel by the force of attraction – ferromagnetic substances, if you wish.


You can choose the shape and size of magnets, meaning they can be made in an artificial way to serve the purpose you had in mind. The magnetic field represents the force that the object is drowned to the magnet, the strongest on Earth has the power of 45 teslas, weighs around 34 tons and stands 22-feet tall. Here are a few examples where magnets are exploited to our satisfaction and requirements.

We will start with the introduction of magnets in computers. They are perfect for storing the data on the computer, one of their modern contributions to the IT sector. Note that speakers from such gadgets like earphones, TV, and stereos are powered by magnets also. Most useful in computers and machines because magnets can be affected by electricity. Technology has combined its presence in our homes with magnets included.


Probably the most essential purpose through history for a magnet has been in the form of a hand-made compass. You only require a straight pin, a bowl of water, and a piece of cork, besides the magnet and you are ready to go.  This is the practical solution to find the north on Earth wherever you are and under any weather conditions. It will lead you north and be your guide when needed.

The industrial manufacture is depended on the introduction and help of the magnets. Permanent magnets can be found in products like motor-bike, car, watch, camera, computers, motors, magnetic therapy, toys,  and many others according to the experts form Ao Magnet. The people in the industry of magnet manufacture have recognized and exploited in the best way the true potentials from this field, offering an abundance of choices.

The medicine department has also benefited from magnets in the form of MRI. When recognizing desires from the inside of our body, magnetic resonance imager has proven to be essential in the lives of millions of people all over the world. The magnets in this case of MRI are crucial when the scanning process starts. A true life-savior in the hands of doctors who depend on it.


The everyday use of magnets has to be mentioned around pick up metal things. A detector of some kind that is highly practical for usage outside. You can make a magnetized pen and sticker on the fridge, almost every household has at least one or two at their disposal.

We have only mentioned a few things that can be used with magnets, but we hope you now understand that where ever you go, and whatever your profession might be, you will encounter magnets, in one form or another.