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How Soon Before A Move Should You Begin Making Plans?

by Tracy Finke

According to psychologists, moving is among the three most stressful moments in every person’s life. Those who have moved a lot can testify. Regardless of whether you are moving to a larger apartment, to another city, or to a new family environment, in most cases moving means a partial change in lifestyle habits and adaptation.

Even when it means leaving for something better, it still causes restlessness, nausea, and insomnia, and we cannot ignore the fact that it is a big and extensive physical job.

But what if we tell you there’s a way to make everything less stressful? It involves good planning. When it is necessary, you should make your job as easy as possible, so the first step is a good organization. At this point, you must be wondering about what is the earliest you should start making plans?

The answer is, as early as possible. Planning doesn’t necessarily mean you should start packing right away. It means you should sit and go through all the tasks you need to perform, write them down on paper, and review them a couple of times, to make sure you got everything covered. This way, the whole thing will make you not only a lot less stressed, but also more confident because you got everything covered and predicted on time.

What are the things one should prepare earliest?

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We must be aware that during the process we will have every single item in our hands at least once. So, preparing things like boxes, protective foils, self-adhesive tapes, and paper, should be one of the priorities on our list… Different plastic bags with zippers are also great.

Also, prepare a tool for disassembling furniture. As each packing usually takes several days, first we should pack things that we do not need every day, such as dishes that we usually use only on special occasions, various decorative figures, books, and clothes that are specific to a certain season. Packing a little by little like this will also contribute to the process being less stressful.

Plan how you will pack your belonging

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All fragile items should be well wrapped in paper or rags. The boxes should not be overcrowded because it will not be easy for the movers to carry them.

Take care that their weight should not exceed 20 kilograms. Heavier things should be placed at the bottom, lighter things at the top of the box. Each box should be closed well and what is in it should be written down so that it will be easier to navigate later, but also put it in the room where it belongs.

Always pack clean clothes, and it’s a good idea to put a lavender or citrus pillow in the boxes, to make everything smell nice. Take care of your valuables, keep them with you during the move or give them to a trusted person for safekeeping. It’s also a good opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things because we often don’t even realize how many things we never needed and will never need can accumulate during the months or years of staying in an apartment.

And while friends and hired workers can help us with the actual move, you have to do the “cleaning of life” yourself. Get rid of newspapers, brochures, clothes you haven’t worn in years, any jars that have been sitting empty in the pantry for years, little things that serve no purpose and have no sentimental value. Recycle, donate or just throw away.

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It is also important to choose a moving company. Ask around, and request multiple offers, because these people will save your life.

According to demanagement-total.ca, the price of their services is usually formed according to the distance, and the number of things that need to be moved, but it is also important what the access to the object is, what floor it is on, and whether it has an elevator.

Most of the registered moving companies, especially if it is a large move, go out to the field before forming a price to assess how they will organize the move and offer a price based on that. Moving special items, such as pianos or heavy safes, is charged separately.

The price also depends on the number of hired workers and the hours they spend at work, as well as the size of the means of transport (larger or smaller delivery vehicles, trucks).

How early should you hire a company to help you?

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Moving is a big job that should be announced, but people usually call at the last minute. Everything needs to be planned, so we recommend people to call at least a week before. In the winter months, everything can still be organized in a few days, but in the summer, it is almost impossible, as the sunny days always mark the beginning of the season for such businesses.

For all those who fear that some of their belongings will be damaged, it is important to mention how this can also happen, but the company always compensates for any damage through insurance. It most often happens that glass is damaged during transport. For example, the company provides a repairman to replace it. Hence, hiring a company is a smart move towards a stress-free moving process.

Also, a serious moving company owns quality and reliable vehicles whose cargo area is upholstered and equipped with tools and aids for moving such as trolleys, pushers, blankets, and foils, and with their help, the job will be done faster and more efficiently, which is in favor of reducing costs for you as a client.

In the end, it’s all about how you organize. As we mentioned earlier, start planning the whole process as soon as you find out you’ll be moving. The earlier, the better. And transfer the worry and stress to a moving company, and you watch from the side or use your time for something more important in your everyday life.