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Safer Internet Day – Increasing Safety And Awareness About Internet Usage

by Tracy Finke

Can someone think of spending an entire day without remaining connected to a steady internet connection? Hardly any! Even the remotest corners of the world are getting internet access these days. The overwhelming demand for steady connectivity with the world has boosted internet usage worldwide.

With millions of people using internet connectivity across the globe, anything related to the internet is a global issue. One such issue is undoubtedly the security threats the internet comes with. The importance and usefulness of the internet connection remain undeniable.

However, like all other technological tools, it also comes with a few inherent loopholes. These loopholes, often beyond the comprehension of an average internet user, open up the channels for cyber security crimes. However, when there is a threat, there is a solution as well.

Safer internet day played a major role in raising awareness about such threats to make even the least informed user understand the perils of cyber security breaches.

If you are not a tech nerd, Yubo explains and summarizes the main information on how safer internet day helped increase awareness regarding safe internet use practices. Become a part of the millions, who have switched to safer internet use practices. Before going into further depths of safer internet day, it is critical to know the elements that make internet use unsafe.

Common Sources Of Cyber Threats

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Of late, people use the internet for almost every other task. Be it shopping, studying, entertainment, or booking flight tickets, online platforms are ruling everywhere. Every piece of information you enter to log in to your account remains registered online. Clever cybercriminals can access your information at any time if you do not use the internet carefully.  Cyber security in IoT is no longer the only necessary lateral. Daily internet usage also needs protection.

1. Absence of proper Security Software

Not having security software to protect your applications on your phone or laptop, can be an invitation to the hackers. This is one common mistake many internet users make, jeopardizing their internet safety unintentionally.

Hackers and cybercriminals can hack such unguarded applications easily and steal important information from your device, at any time. The default privacy and security settings of an application are not always enough to safeguard your privacy from these ill-intending criminals.

2. Careless Use Of Social Media

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Online games and social media platforms engage people for hours. The attractive and interesting tasks available on these platforms often introduce the users to several malware links and applications. An expert can distinguish between a genuine link and an adulterated one.

However, to most people, the distinction remains invisible. Therefore, they fall prey to serious cyber security crimes. When you click on a link you may download malware strong enough to steal all your personal information from your social media account. Therefore, careful use of these platforms is a must for safe internet usage.

3. Sharing a password with many

No matter how much you trust a person, eschew sharing your password with too many people. The moment your password becomes available to many, the risk of hacking increases.

If you wonder about what they can do with your credentials, it is beyond your imagination. Using your credentials, cybercriminals can blackmail you, exploit you, withdraw money from your bank account, shop for expensive goods, and much more.

Easy Ways To Handle Cyber Security Problems

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Cyber security lapses always lead to problematic outcomes. However, you can restrict the cyber criminals without much ado simply by following a few internet usage rules that offer security to a great extent.

  • Use strong passwords which no one can guess easily. Use a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols to frame a password. Hackers generally target accounts with predictable passwords like 12345 or 0000 the first.
  • On social medial platforms, keep your detail unavailable to all visitors. Manage your account’s privacy in a customized manner to keep your personal information safe from the prying eyes of hackers.
  • Use good-quality security software for both laptops and mobile phones. Most people think that mobile phones do not require additional security software. However, strong malware can corrupt your applications and the device at any time. Only security software of equal strength can restrict such malware from corrupting your device.
  • Update your device’s software from time to time. The updated software offers adequate protection against bugs and malware elements. You can keep your accounts extra protected by opting for two-layer authentication. Also, keep a backup of all your personal and important data in an external drive so that you do not lose any of those after a cyber attack.

What Is Safer Internet Day?

Source: sba-research.org

While many people know that safe internet use is a sustainable choice, many lack enough awareness regarding careful internet usage. This is where the importance of a Safer Internet Day comes in. Safer Internet Day is an international event that aims at encouraging people to use their internet connections safely.

Celebrated in the month of February, this day promotes the idea of healthy internet browsing and usage across the world. EU Safe Borders initiated a project to raise awareness about the increasing number of cyber crimes amongst common people.

Why Is It Important?

With the recent pandemic confining every individual within the limits of four walls, internet usage grew by leaps and bounds worldwide. Keeping this trend same in mind, experts thought of ensuring the safety of internet users. Even though internet usage safety has always been a major concern, the pandemic-enforced restrictions re-emphasized its importance.

Children started accessing the internet regularly for education. Adults remained busy on the internet for hours for relaxation. Amidst such a critical time, Safer Internet day enhanced general awareness about safe internet usage, ensuring a better internet experience for everyone.

Several online channels promote and carry out Safer Internet Day celebrations based on the theme of the year. You can play a live video on internet awareness or upload your inputs regarding the same to be a part of this day.