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Looking After Your Bleached Hair

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This can be a bit of a minefield. You don’t want to damage your bleached hair, but you also don’t want to let it get too dry or too oily.
One way to take care of your bleached hair is to dye the hair blond and maintain a radiant blond tone with dedicated products like purple toning drops.
The sun’s rays can be harsh on your hair, causing it to become bleached. A radiant blond tone may look good on some people, but if you want to keep your blonde hair looking good, you need to take care of it.
Here are some more tips to help you keep your bleached hair looking good:

1 Use a protective hair product.

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A hair product that protects your hair from the sun can help to prevent it from becoming bleached. Look for a hair product that contains sunscreen.

2 Don’t leave your bleached hair in the sun for too long.

You need to be careful not to leave your bleached hair in the sun for too long. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long time, use sunscreen to protect your hair from the sun.
Once you’ve dyed your hair blonde with a dedicated product like Amika’s mixtape purple blonde toning drops, your hair will have an icy finish without the unwanted brassy and yellow undertones.

3 Do not use hot water to wash your bleached hair.

shower with flowing water and steam

Hot water can actually bleach your hair. Instead, use cool water to wash your bleached hair.

4 Use a light conditioner.

When you are conditioning your bleached hair, use a light conditioner to ensure that your hair does not become too dry.

5 Do not over-condition your bleached hair.

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This can actually damage your bleached hair. Instead, use a light conditioner that will moisturize your hair.

6 Avoid using products that contain peroxide.

These peroxide-rich products can bleach your hair further. Instead, use products that contain lightening agents.

7 Use a hair dryer sparingly.

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Excessive use of a hair dryer can cause your bleached hair to become brittle. Instead, use a hair dryer sparingly.

8 Avoid using hot irons.

These hot irons can damage your bleached hair. You can always use a hair dryer to cool your hair down.

9 Use a hair straightener sparingly.

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Using a hair straightener can also cause your bleached hair to become brittle. Customized toning drops from Amika will help maintain perfectly toned hair. You can always get the icy look to your hair without having to straighten it often.

10 Use a hair mask once a week.

A hair mask will help moisturize your hair and prevent it from becoming too dry.
If you want to maintain a bright blond tone after you’ve bleached your hair and dyed it blonde, you will need to use dedicated products to keep the color alive. Purple toning drops will help keep the hair follicles functioning properly, while a blond cream will help seal in the color and keep it looking radiant.

11 It would be wise to use targeted treatments.

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It can be really exciting to change the color of your hair and once you realize this, there will be no one stopping you. Getting the color of the hair you want is actually easy, however it is not an easy task to keep the color vibrant and healthy. This requires a lot of effort and true commitment. As you already know, bleaching hair is a completely chemical process that works by removing natural pigments from the hair fibers. If you are bleaching your hair occasionally, your hair should recover at some point and get natural vitality. However, successive bleaching can truly damage your hair fiber and follicles, which will leave your hair looking very dry and dull. We believe that you do not want this to happen to your hair, so we suggest you combat this at an early stage. You can do so by using targeted bleached hair care treatments.
The purpose of these treatments is to protect the hair as much as possible. It will help your hair to improve the pigments and to hydrate the fiber in your hair. There are different treatments that you can use. You have the option of buying some natural products or creating them and putting them on your hair. Since we are all living busy lives and we often do not have time to create natural hair treatments by ourselves, we found something that will help you with bleached hair. You have the opportunity to make your hair look a lot healthier by using a shampoo that does not contain sulfate. Additionally, always use products that are rich in keratin. Many women do not know this, but keratin is an excellent solution when it comes to restructuring the fibers of the hair.

12 You should consider using intensive treatments every now and then.

After bleaching your hair, you have probably noticed that the hair is not quite flexible as it was before the coloring process. You are probably wondering why this happened. Well, the hair gets completely dry after bleaching it with chemicals. It loses moisture which is not healthy for your hair since the ends will start splitting more and more. However, there is no need to panic because of this since you can prevent the hair from drying out. This is possible by providing your hair extra nourishment with some intensive treatments. For instance, it would be a wise idea to put on a hair mask overnight once a week. By regularly doing this, your hair will keep moisturized.

13 Do not forget to treat your hair with healthy oils.

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From always, when hair products did not even been invented, women used natural oils on their hair since they saw how beneficial that is for the health of their hair. The hair gets a completely new look, it gets gloss and volume and it is highly gentle and soft. Some of the most beneficial oils for the hair are argan oil, olive oil as well as coconut oil. Inside them, there are vitamins, minerals, and other healthy natural compounds that are great for taking care of dry hair. It helps the hair to repair itself and to restructure hair fibers. Therefore, if your hair is bleached do not forget to treat your hair with essential oils. You can apply oils in the evening before you go to the bed. After some time, you will notice how healthy your hair looks and feels. It will be super shiny and feel silky soft.