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12 Most Expensive Pieces Of Star Wars Toys And Collectibles To Own

by Nina Smith

A small decision and the universe working in your favor might take you to the stars. Something similar happened with Goerge Lucas. Little did he imagine that a small step might make him a multi-billionaire.

The writer and director of Star Wars, George Lucas, agreed to sign the contract to join his name with Star Wars Galaxy for a small revenue. However, he demands 100% of the merchandising rights. A small decision can play an essential role in our lives. With Star Wars becoming one of the most famous sci-fi movies, it created a loyal fan base that goes ga-ga about everything in the galaxy that has to do with Star Wars.

Lucas sold his company Lucasfilm to Walt Disney in 2012, making it the current owner of all the rights to the Star Wars Galaxy.

People often can go over the board when purchasing Star Wars merchandise, not thinking twice about the money but passion. The most expensive piece of Star Wars ever sold was a blockade model of the spaceship. The model is a 16-inch spaceship featured in the first part of the original trilogy.

Here are some more expensive toys and collectibles you can own and add to your collection. If you do not want to spend a fortune, visit ziasabers.com.

1. Sand People Figurine

Source: coolthings.com

Roaming the Tatooine desert, these beasts sell for $500 for sealed packaging. You are lucky if you have one. If you are a new collector and want to add a Sand People to your collection, take note to pay $25 less for unsealed packaging.

2. Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

It is a 5,197 pieces lego is Han Solo’s possession of happiness and pride. It came in the year 2007. However, the 07 version is the costliest, retailing for $499.99. The later version excelled in size in 2017.

3. Comin-On Vintage Carbonite Chamber Action Figure Set

It came out in 2012, and soon attracted the attention of old Star Wars fanatics. It is an exclusive item and hard to get your hand on. The trio has a Clone Trooper, Darth Vader from “Return of Jedi” and Jar-Jar Blinks, it retailed for $559.99.

4. Promotional Stromtrooper Blaster

The Lucasfilm merchandise was manufactured in 1997. It was a part of the “Star Wars: A New Hope” Special Edition. Lucas updated the visual effects of the first film, altered some scenes, and added a few shorts to it. The piece has sustained some wear and tear over the years of handing. Some parts of it are either broken or lost. The piece is rarely out, a lucky bidder added it to their collection in the Hollywood Memorabilia auction in November 2024 for $3,399.

5. Ben Kenobi With Grey Hair

Source: etsy.com

Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi figurine was sold for $700 in 1978. Obi-Wan once in his lifetime came out of hermithood to save Luke Skywalker from the Sand People. It is also his beginning to Jedi-Hood.

6. Star Wars Happy Birthday Style One Sheet Poster

It is a poster shipped in 1978 by 20th Fox Studios to all the theaters playing “Star Wars” twelve months later. The gesture was made to celebrate episode IV’s release. At that time it was a toy phenomenon but now it will dig a hole in your pocket. It is auctioned at $3000-$5000.

7. Princess Leia

The princess can fetch you $800 if it is well-maintained and sealed. Leia figurine wears a cape-like structure unlike princess Leia has shown in the movies, seen in Yavin IV.

8. “Star Wars” Early Bird Certificate Package

The company Kenner launched in 1977 was priced at $9000. The company signed a contract to make the “Star Wars” toys before the movie was released. They could not meet the demand to supply merchandise. Instead, sold empty boxes in the Christmas edition of 1977 and was a matter of utter disappointment.

9. Luke Sky Walker

Source: dorksideoftheforce.com

It was released in 1978 for $890. The simple farm boy faced a shift in his destiny when he encountered R2-D3 and C3PO. He was the avatar of the Jedi living his life on the wrong side f the Tatoonie’s desert. Kenner sold it for $888 in 1978. If you have an unopened pack, you can still make $890.

10. Kenner Star Wars Boba Fett Prototype

Kenner made the toy in 1979 before the movie came to theaters. The toys were auctioned for $236,000. The 3.75 inches toy was made in small numbers. They were packed with a missile projectile. As it was thought of as kid’s play, the company did not make huge numbers due to safety purposes. Later, the toys were produced minus the missiles. The most recent Boba Fett auction was in June 2024.

11. The Head Of Chewbacca

A “Star Wars” fan for not, everyone knows about Chewbacca. One of the most famous characters, loyal to Han Solo and saved many lives on multiple jeopardizing occasions. The character was played by Peter Mathews from the first film to episode VII. in 2019 the headpiece of the costume that Mathews wore was sold at an auction by Profiles in History in San Fernando Valley. The bidding at the auction raised $172,200.

12. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Cloak

Source: superherohype.com

It is a weary outfit worn by Alec Guinness in the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Given the power of the character, people love him and crazy fans are on a quest to own something that belongs to this legend. It was auctioned for $104,200. most recently, it bid at an auction held in London in March 2007.


Owning merchandise of your favorite movie or series might feel like having them around you and benign a part of their universe. Some movies have created a crazy fan as you will go to all limits to get your hands on the collectible and toys. “Star Wars” is one of those legacies.