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Loft Bed Designs you Can Consider in 2024

by William Gist

Maximum utilization of the limited space in small apartments has eventually become a priority for many. Loft beds have thus become more popular since they make proper use of the space available. There is a variety of loft design that can fit in any room. Loft beds have created space for kids to play, study, eat freely, and storage space for items. Below are the advantages and types of loft beds.

Advantages of loft beds

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  • Provides maximum storage space. There is a loft design that has got drawers to facilitate storage. The drawer is used to store books, personal items like innerwear, and essential documents. Other lofts have got square footage that provides space for storing shoes, clothes, and other personal belongings.
  • Allows enough space for work and play. Some loft designs are raised, and below it, there are shelves and a desk that gives a working platform. The same desk is also used for studying. The use of loft beds also increases the floor space, thus gives children room to play. This can be a great fit if you don’t live in an apartment that’s very large, and you want to save your space for something else. For example, most people nowadays, especially after the pandemic, are creating their own home gyms. So, if you need the extra space in the middle of your room to work out every day, it’s not very practical to move things around every morning. Instead, you can get a loft bed that saves a lot of place in your room, and then use the extra space in the middle for something else.
  • Gives extra space for families loft bed is usually a priority when one is anticipating to have a guest. It enables the guests to sleep more comfortably, especially if you are living in a small home. But, it can sometimes be an “issue” if your situation includes children that never slept on the top floor. It can be a safety hazard, but most loft beds allow for some sort of a safety measure, such as a fence or something else, depending on your model mostly.

Types of loft bed designs

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Before majoring in the specific design, it is essential to understand one broad classification according to the material used. Loft beds are either wooden or metallic. Wooden loft beds are more preferred because wood is versatile in shape, style, and color. Thus it can be used when one requires a complex structure. Metal, on the other hand, allows small weights to be built, therefore not of choice for many. Below are a few of loft bed designs:

  • Standard twin bed design. It entails two beds, where one is above the other. It’s the smallest loft bed option since most people like it when each is separate and used individually. A great model for when you need to keep things nice and tidy, as well as roomy. Some people doubt the safety of such beds, but we guarantee that every model of this kind was tested properly and ensured that it lives up to the numbers written in the instructions. If it says 200kg for example, it’s more than that. But, you should keep things at 200 the most, just in case.
  • FutonFuton design involves a combination of an upper-level bed and a futon below it. This model accommodates two people to sleep. The futon also acts as a sofa, providing comfort while working. Such models are amazing for when you need to save space in your room. You can always go upwards instead of making room in the horizontal axis. It’s a great method for smaller rooms or rooms that need to be designed specifically for a lot of free space in the middle.
  • Study loft bed. It features an upper bed, which below it is a desk for studying or a working station. Some only contain shelves where books are stored while others have a well-equipped desk. Used in most rooms meant for students, a great way to save space while still having your own spot for productivity. Whether you want to work or study here, it’s possible to do so. The best thing about it is that you are just a second away from bed in case you get too tired while studying or working. How amazing is that? Be careful not to bash your head when standing up though.
  • Loft bed with a dresser this model has a bed at the top and a dresser at the bottom. The dresser consumes a lot of space since it has some shelves for personal items, clothes, and, at times, provides an area for dressing. But, you should look on the bright side. This bed is very stable and it gives a great sense of a strong design that won’t ever shake thanks to the dresser. Besides, you can use the top side of the dresser as a mini-table, which is amazing if you don’t already have a mini table in your room. It will still take less space than having a separate drawer and a separate bed, so it’s worth getting such a model if conserving space is your goal.
  • Contemporary loft bed. It refers to up to date design. It allows various variations in shape, texture, and theme. The most common contemporary design is X-loft. For it to be considered stylish, it should be up to date and original.

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According to houserituals.com, when purchasing a loft bed, some factors ought to be considered. The first one is the nature of the material and the style. Wood is most preferred for crafting compared to metal. The choice of model should go hand in hand with the room’s size that requires the loft bed. Secondly its the structure and durability of loft beds. Both metallic and wooden loft beds last for years. However, wood is more versatile and thus used in making complex structures, while metal only supports lighter weight. Finally the safety and comfort of people who will be lying on the loft bed matters.