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9 Tips for Improving Your Bartending Skills – 2024 Guide

by Dangula Bingula

The job of a bartender looks fun, but it requires a lot of skills. Many people do it for a hobby or their living. There are special training and practice sessions to learn different techniques. If you attract your guests with your skills, then they will approach you and order impressive drinks. Running a bar is not about serving cocktails, juices and other drinks. It is more like flaunting your pouring methods and preparing delicious recipes.

In the following write-up, we will discuss some tips that will help you in improving your bartending skills. This guide is necessary to go through to impress your customers. If you want to make a handsome income by your passion or occupation, then you must learn different things. Let us check out some tips and tricks to sharpen your skills.

1. Search for Courses


There is a special course to learn various techniques of bartending. You can also research them online and can access various offline courses. You can click here to get more information regarding virtual classes to master bartending efficiently. It is easy to learn ways to make different cocktails with a perfect blend of various juices, syrups, and drinks.

There is a special way of handling and serving cocktails in different types of glasses. You must look impressive when you are presenting anything to someone. These courses give that training to you and make you a perfect person to impress the bar crowd.

2. Improving Your Bartending Skills


This technique is about making a cocktail without measuring the exact quantity of ingredients you are pouring into the glass. A professional person does not need any measuring glass to check what and how much ingredients he needs to add to make a perfect cocktail. If you are a beginner in bartending, then you must learn this technique because it can impress anyone.

Your customers will also feel good because they are getting drinks from an experienced bartender and he will know what exactly you want. You can learn this technique only when you practice a lot.

3. Practice with Cheap Ingredients


Some ingredients are quite expensive in bars, and if you want to sharpen your skills, then you need to practice with cheap drinks. You can prepare impressive cocktails by blending cheap drinks.

If you make any mistake, then also there is no huge loss. When you keep on practicing different techniques, then only you become an expert. If you use cheap products, then you will learn various methods and do not waste much money.

4. Learn How to Garnish Your Drinks


Sometimes, people love how they get drinks served on their table. It is all about how you garnish your drinks. The decoration is one of the prime and common ways that attract customers.

If you garnish well, then it will look more refreshing, flavorful, and impressive, who have ordered the drinks. There are various options to decorate your beverages like shrimp, celery, cheese, olives, bacon, fruits, etc.

5. Remember All the Recipes


Being a bartender is about learning different recipes, and it is necessary to keep remembering them every time. You can write these recipes in a book and keep practicing all the time. In this way, you will learn them, and there will be no need to carry the book everywhere. A customer needs to tell the bartender what he wants. He will get the same drink he wants. If you are learning any technique, then you must remember them all the time.

6. Do Experiments


There are many recipes to experiment in a bartending course at Brooklyn bartending school. If you love experimenting, then you can explore many new drinks that you can offer to your customers. Every person wants something new and tries different things. If your bar has different types of drinks, then more people visit your place and enjoy your drinks. In this way, you will also make a lot of money.

Experimenting is a good thing to learn different tastes and blends of different juices. Sometimes, a customer asks for a different beverage and can make you mix different ingredients. You can suggest them and prepare a good cocktail for those customers. In the end, you can make your clients quite happy with your services.

7. Practice a Lot


After learning excellent techniques to prepare different types of cocktails, you need to practice those recipes. If you try them repeatedly, then you will become the best in your job. Handling a complete bar is not an easy job. You need to be quick and fulfil all the requirements of your customers.

If you have practiced a lot, then you can quickly prepare different drinks without losing your focus. You can easily remember all the drinks that you got orders from your clients. Practice will help you preparing their drinks one by one quickly.

8. Enjoy While Making Drinks


A bartender should be happy with his job and enjoy while making drinks. Your customers must look at your happy soul. You must enjoy your job because it will help you prepare cocktails perfectly and quickly. No one loves to like the company of a rude bartender. Therefore, you should be friendly and show an enjoyable character of yours to the customers.

9. Do Not Stress in Parties


If you are hired as a bartender in any party, then make sure you should not feel stressed. Try to involve yourself in the crowd and know your customers and what they like. You have to understand them and prepare the drinks that they like. You can ask each person about the way they love to have the cocktail. If you are a beginner, then you may feel stressed, but you have to control yourself and be confident.

The Bottom Line

If you want to become an experienced bartender, then you have to work on your skills. Bartending is a job of talent and passion. Therefore, it is necessary to learn various tips and tricks, as mentioned earlier, to become the perfect person to do this job. Get these skills and serve your customers well.