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6 Ways to Know if You Are Buying Authentic Jordan 5 Shattered Backboard Shoes

by Tracy Finke

Fashion is something that has always been very important for society. From the earliest days of civilization, what people wore defined them, helped them showcase who they were, and served to set them apart from both regarding the social status and in terms of their preferences. In modern times, there are a few select brands that everyone knows and loves. No matter how exclusive, expensive, or rare they are, people are still chasing them and trying to make them parts of their collections.

Sneaker Fashion and Air Jordans

Among the most popular fashion hobbies is collecting high-end sneakers, also called sneaker fashion. Sneakerheads, as those who partake in this hobby, are called, treasure and cherish certain models of sneakers. They scour the shops, both online and in the real world, for the newest models as well as the retro classics.

Out of all the sneakers out there, the most exclusive, famous, and widely considered the most prestigious are Air Jordans. Michael Jordan did something truly special when he asked Nike to have his own subsidiary company. It made him a billionaire and made him much more money than what he earned from his NBA contracts.

Over the decades, Jordans have never seized to amaze sportswear, sneaker, urban style, and basketball fans. United around the cult that is the Jordan Brand, they storm to the shops to get new pairs whenever there is a new release or even a rerelease. Both new models and classics are popular among the fans.

While most of the older, retro models cost well over several hundred bucks, or even more than $1,000, the newest releases are usually between $100 and $300. This makes them some of the most expensive shoes even by Nike standards.

The Original Shattered Backboard Jordans

Source: highsnobiety.com

A shattered backboard is a term used to describe exactly that, a broken glass backboard of a basketball hoop. Something like this is very rare, especially now when regulation baskets and backboards are made of new materials and with new technologies. Back in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s however, players like Shaquille O’Neal and Darryl Dawkins were known to shatter the glass or bring down the whole construction after their emphatic jams.

MJ broke a backboard during a Nike Europe tour exhibition game in Trieste in 1985, which was enough cause for a brand new colorway of his Air Jordan 1s to drop in June of 2015. A year later, a second addition is also known as Shattered Backboard Away, or Reversed, was released. In October of 2019, a third model came out.

Since MJ wore an orange, black, and white uniform for the game, all three models sported the same color scheme. Therefore, calling the newest colorway of the 5s the same name instantly grabs attention and makes you think back to the old days. Wanting a pair of your own come next thanks to the nostalgia.

Now that you know about the history of this iconic colorway, we need to talk about how to know that you are buying an authentic pair of the upcoming 5s and not a cheap knockoff.

1. The Base Design

While the silhouette can look the same authentic and fake sneakers, t is the materials, the stitching, and the colors that truly separate the two. With the Shattered Backboard 5s, the designers went with a familiar white leather on the upper area, a traditional look that is timeless. However, unlike most other 5s, they have textile mesh on the collar, the throat, and the quarter panel. The original Air Jordan 5 had plastic netting on the quarter panel instead of mesh, so if this model has plastic know that it is a fake.

2. The Tongue

Source: sneakernews.com

Moving on to the tongue, there is a reflective orange Jumpman logo carefully and precisely embroidered onto the reflective, matte silver surface. Not a lot of Jordans come with an orange logo, which makes these rare for the fans of this color looking to complete their outfits with certain team colors. The midsole is also of the same fluorescent orange color, made of polyurethane.

This is where the iconic Air-sole is located toward the heel. The famous shark tooth detail that all Jordan 5s have is silver with black dots, reminiscent of the classic Air Jordan 4 ‘White Cement’ look. Non-authentic models usually fail to replicate the colors, which gives them away easily if you pay enough attention and know what color the real model is.

3. The Sole

Often times, it is the sole that gives away the fake shoe. On this model, there should be a translucent, milky outsole with a herringbone tread that gives you optimal grip and traction whether you are playing ball in your pair or just walking about. Since these are lifestyle sneakers nowadays, you would probably be the only one playing basketball in them if you decide to. Overall, these are an instant classic despite being a new addition into the rich history book of Air Jordan 5 models.

4. A Trusty Supplier

Make sure never to buy Jordan’s from suspicious retailers or from dodgy auction websites. There have been many frauds over the years, as Jordans are among the most popular fashion statements out there. To ensure you are buying a real model, you need to visit trusty and reputable retailers like FlightClub or GOAT. Shops like these have been in the game for decades, and they know what they are doing. Whatever you buy from them will surely be legit and there is no reason to worry.

5. The Price

Source: talkroute.com

Price can be the indicator of authentic products, but not always. Knockoff goods often replicate the price in an attempt to scam the unsuspecting customers out of the full retail price of the real thing. For these sneakers, the prices start at $190 for the sizes 7, 9, and 9.5. Usually, the larger the number, the higher the price. For example, the always-out-of-stock sizes like 11, 12, and 13 are $236, $243, and $255. They go as high as $599 for the size 16, but the average you will have to set aside for this amazing colorway is $250.

6. The Release Date

The best way to know if you are really buying authentic Air Jordan 5 Shattered Backboard shoes is to check when they will be available. If the retailer claims they are going to send it to you in the following days, know that they are lying and therefore not to be trusted. To know more on an In-Depth Look at Jordan, visit sneakerguru.org.

The official release date for this model is October 2, 2024, meaning they should arrive a day or two after that. You can of course preorder them, but even then they will be shipped on the 2nd. Anything or anyone that promises them to you sooner is a huge red flag and an obvious scammer impatient to rid you of a few hundred bucks. Mark your calendars and get ready for the newest member of the Air Jordan family.