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It Seems That Kim Kardashian Has a Doppelganger in Serbia!

by Sinisav

Kim Kardashian is a global star, and people all around the world want to look like here. There are even those who spend their hard-earned money on cosmetic surgeries to try and mimic Kim. But, we have a pop diva in a far away Balkan who claims that Ms. West is copying her.

We are talking about Jelena Karleusa, who is one of the most popular singers in Balkan. Jelena is from Serbia, where she’s seen as a trendsetter. She believes that her trends even reach the US shore, where Kim is paying attention. JK shared a couple of photos showing her and Kim looking almost identical.

Jelena Karleusa

Source: nydailynews.com

Now, these photos are a bit old from the period when Kim boasted blonde hairstyle, but the likeness is undeniable. It would seem that the most famous Kardashian changed her direction, and she started from her hair.

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But, once upon a time, they were like sisters. Jelena even provoked Kim for reaction with her caption: “Will the real slim shady please stand up! Ps( I am on the left).” The photo talks more than words, and you can see the similarity in their styles. The Serbian pop-star claims she sported these outfits before her American counterpart.

As you can see in the second Instagram post, the number of moments when the two of them were mimicking each other is substantial. But, fans of the Armenian doll weren’t satisfied with Jelena’s comments, and they were quick to claim that she’s the on copying Kim.

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Lets play a game-FIND ME!???

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The Balkan diva had a ready response for them: “I have 20 years of work in the music industry, 10 albums, 2 kids and NO-I DONT NEED A STYLIST #keepcalmandstophate.”

Kim never commented on this situation, but we doubt that she was even aware of what’s going on in far away Serbia.

Source: eonline.com