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Kim Kardashan Launching B**b Tape – This Is Her Big Secret!

by Elsa Stringer

We live in a world of Instagram and other social media platforms where we have a chance to see people that have perfect figures and have looks to-die-for. Curves all over the place, hot looking bodies, handsome men and gorgeous women – Instagram has it all.

One of the people that have the most recognizing figure on the web which many women strive to have is Kim Kardashian. She is known for her figure, that booty that is hard not to notice, and the beauty that is hard to resist.


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@skims Body Tape and nipple covers are available at Skims.com at 9am!

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Kim looks stunning in almost all of her outfit and dresses, everything fits perfect on her. Recently, she has revealed that she used a small hack in order to make herself look even better. Everybody knows that cleavage-revealing dresses are quite desirable, but women need to make their cleavage „available“ – if we can put it that way.

A star of KUWTK stated that she used to use duck tape in order to look better in those kinds of dresses. But, as she admits, that hasn’t always been nice on the skin, sometimes it used to hurt her skin badly.


But, now that she has her collection, Kim decided that she is going to make a tape that will help other women look great in the mentioned dresses.

Kardashian calls them body tapes and she is going to produce them in three different colors, for women of different colors.

Kim Kardashian is really excited about this project and she knows how painful those tapes that she used were. Now, women are going to have a piece of clothing that is specifically designed for this kind of issue.

Alongside these body tapes, she is also producing tapes for the nipple-area, in the same colors as the body tapes, which is also going to be helpful.


A lot of young women look up to Kim, want to be and look like her, so there is no doubt that this product is going to be quite successful on the market.