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Key Points To Consider Before Signing Up A Van Insurance Policy

by Elsa Stringer

Planning to buy a van for private, commercial, or business use? It is mandatory to get your van insurance policy to drive your trailer around. Van insurance is different from a car insurance policy. The premium on van insurance is more than a car since the vehicle is bigger and has a more massive engine with more demand for coverage. Firstly, we need to understand the type of insurance policies which are:


    Fully Comprehensive

This policy gives you cover for both that is a third party and yourself. The premium on this policy is comparatively higher since it is supporting both ends.

    Third-Party Only

That is the most basic policy; it only covers the third party for the damage you caused to them. It will not offer any support to you and your property.

    Third-Party Fire And Theft

That will cover the necessary level of third party repairs as well as give you protection against robbery, vandalization, and damage.

Since vans are used for several purposes and if it is used for commercial use, then you need to investigate and research gravely to apply for the right choice of policy and reliable service provider. Go here for quotes to have a better idea of the insurance cost.

Factors affecting the cost of insurance

Various factors can increase or decrease the cost of the insurance policy. Starting from the area, you are living to the type and condition of your van and a few other reasons. How these factors can affect the cost, let’s look into it.


    The area you are residing

The location you are living in or doing business makes a noticeable difference in the insurance policy. Densely populated area vehicles tend to demand far more coverage than less populated locations, hence if you are residing in a village or a small town will lower down your premium.

    Claims and Convictions

Perhaps it is highly essential to declare all your convictions regarding driving to avoid harsh consequences. If your driving record is free of claims, then the good news is on its way to you. That will give you extra benefits to the insurance policy like special discounts, and if you maintain no claim record throughout the year, you get extra no claim bonus year. But the key is to stay consistent with no claims.


The occupation affects the insurance premium rate vitally. Easy professional jobs will reduce the premium, whereas you are a technical person or carry heavy loads from one place to another. Then this rate will not be light on you.therefore, it is advised to take extra precautionary measures to protect your belongings like getting an alarm installed, a steering lock can help, or immobilizer will save you from being burglarized.

    Extra Training And Experience

Advance level driving tests and good experience without a claim will aid you to bring down your premium smoothly. So more you drive without complaint and conviction better the chance of getting the best insurance policy.

Private or business van insurance – which one do you need?


Private insurance

We tend to associate vans with drivers who use these vehicles as a working tool. We also associate them with self-employed professionals or within commercial fleets of companies of all kinds.

But van can also be of private use. There are drivers who, either due to the demands of their leisure activities or the need to move large objects regularly, require a large amount of space that only a van can give them.

Why buy a private van

The truth is that the van is the most suitable vehicle to transport large packages. It has a cargo compartment that occupies most of its length. Besides, there is the space that these vehicles have reserved for passengers.

The fondness for field trips, outdoor activities, or sports that require the transport of more than four people give meaning to the purchase of a van for private use.

Some people use them to practice their hobbies. Also, some large families need a minivan with a lot of space. They want to be able to carry all the luggage with them on their family trips.

Insurance coverage for private vans

Most private van insurance offers coverage similar to that established for cars, without making the policy more expensive, including risks that do not arise in the use that an average driver can give to this type of vehicle.


Public insurance

Besides using a van for private purposes, you can use it for the transport of passengers and even as an ambulance for the transfer of patients. In these cases, it will be necessary to have contracted one of the insurance for public service vans that offers you adequate coverage at all times.

Contract insurance for public service vans

As in any other case, when we need to pay for insurance, we will be asked for some specific information. Like, for example, the use of the van, since that is something that influences the policy itself.

If the correct data is not provided, there may be a risk that the expected compensation will not be received later.

If a van is for public use, it is indicated on the vehicle’s driving license. And it may or may not have a plate with the initials SP, what it does is identify it as such.

Among the exclusive coverage of public service van insurance that you will find we can have:

Emergency repair

It is fundamental because the van is the work tool. So it is necessary to have contracted a coverage of these characteristics. Sometimes there is a limit on the cost of repair, and if it is established, it will be clearly indicated in the policy.


Professional driver shipping

Whether it is needed due to driver illness, death, or accident.

Shipping of spare parts

When there is a breakdown or an accident, and you do not have the part at the moment, so you need to receive it.


When the breakdown is extensive and cannot be returned, you will be given accommodation both in Spain and abroad. The conditions will be established through policies.

Legal defense

This type of coverage in cheap van insurance usually adds, for example, the resource of fines.


It implies the return of the insured and the passengers to their homes.

Early return

It is used if there is any family problem such as illness, accident, or death of the insured’s spouse or immediate family.


Medical expenses abroad

It includes both pharmaceutical and surgical, with a set money limit.


It is a repatriation of the insured due to illness, accident, or death.

Displacement of a relative

In the case of hospitalization, the displacement of a relative until the fact can be covered.

Of course, these coverages may vary from one public service insurance to another. It will be up to the insurers themselves to say what coverage they can or cannot offer in this case.