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15 Of Kate Middleton’s Best Casual Looks

by Mary McFarren

The Duchess of Cambridge is known, among other things, for her impeccable sense of style. Since she officially became a member of the Royal family, we could see her wearing glamorous ballgowns, coatdresses, and pumps. However, on rare occasions, when she is on the royal outing that doesn’t require a dress code, Kate Middleton is happy to slip into the tennis shoes and tracksuit.

For the past decade, there were plenty of occasions when Kate exchanged her stilettos for comfy shoes and jeans, joining all sorts of sports events. If we can judge by her smile, enthusiasm, and will-do attitude, Duchess is delighted to spend time with athletes on the football fields than attending any formal events. Here are some of the happenings that Kate was enjoying throughout the years.

Gone skiing

Source: Splash News

Wearing a simple puffy jacket, plain black snow pants, with a white knitted hat can look posh if you’re Kate Middleton. Somehow she made ordinary clothes look classy and fashionable. Maybe it’s the way she carries herself? In any case, the Duchess looks glamorous even after a whole day of skiing.


Source: Splash News

Ay captain! Kate can really sail the ship, the photo is not taken just as a fashion statement. Duchess is an avid sailor and loves to spend time out in the open sea. However, Kate always makes sure that her attire resembles the event, so for this time, she chose navy blue pants and a nautical-themed shirt.

Duchess in sweatpants

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Sneakers, sweatpants, and zip-up matching jacket never looked so stylish but when Kate wears them. Duchess is looking perfectly content and relaxed to be out of high-heeled shoes and tight dresses. She wears her sweatsuit for many sporting events or outings with kids.

Climbing adventure

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Royal duty can be risky, but Kate is always ready for a new challenge. Climbing high-top trees by hanging from a rope might not look like fun, but the Duchess was all smiles during the outing. She even made wearing a helmet look fancy.

Rally driver

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To satisfy her need for speed urge, the Duchess hit the racing track. Wearing overalls and a helmet with her locks swirling in the wind she looked amazing.

Tennis player

We’re used to seeing Kate Middleton in the royal box at Wimbledon, but she also likes to play the game. On rare occasions, Duchess does it publicly to support certain charitable events. Here we can see her in classic tennis attire, zip-up jacket, skirt, and sneakers.


Golf is the national sport in Scotland, so it was only fitting to play a bit at her recent formal visit. She went out to the field wearing boots, jeans, and a jacket. Although this is not the proper outfit for the golf court, the Scotts let her slide this one time because she is, well, Royal.

Land yachting

Source: Instagram

If you don’t live near the water, but still love yachting, here’s a solution – land yachting! The Duke and Duchess tried this out during the same trip to Scotland. It’s an uncanny mix of go-karts and sails, to give you the feeling of being on the ship.

Cricket pro

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Wherever Kate goes, she tries to honor the local culture. So, naturally, when she visits India and Pakistan, Kate never misses playing a game of cricket. Sometimes she was seen hitting the ball in high heels, but this time Duchess chose a more casual look wearing a kurta, pants, and tennis shoes.


When the Royal couple visited Ireland, they get to play the national sport of hurling. It’s a cross between football, or soccer, and cricket. Protective gear like a helmet is mandatory, although the Duchess went without it wearing sweater, jeans, and sneakers.

Duchess wearing shorts

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Wearing shorts is completely unacceptable by the Royal protocol. However, we had the chance of seeing Kate wear one right before she went sailing with Prince William. It’s doubtful that she will wear one on any other events though.

Catching tadpoles with kids

Catching tadpoles with a bunch of excited, adrenalin-ridden kids is a heavy task. The Duchess dressed accordingly though so that she was ready to kneel and get her hands wet and dirty. Her favorite trio did the job again – zip-up jacket, jeans, and sneakers.


Source: Instagram

England is a land of football or soccer, so it’s no wonder that the whole Royal family knows how to kick the ball, including Kate. Appropriately, she wore sports shoes, sweatpants, and a jacket while attending the Sport Uniting Communities initiative.

Track racing

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A Long-sleeved shirt and wide pants are not the common outfits for the track unless you’re the Duchess. Kate managed to be active in these, so kudos to her! I guess it’s a very casual attire when you’re used to wearing designers couture clothes and tiaras.

Get into volleyball

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Kate has proved to be a very athletic person so far, but playing volleyball in wedges is another level of skill. Wearing jeans and a blazer, Duchess kicked the ball running around the court without a hitch. Like a superwoman!