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Kate Beckinsale Really Knows How to Highlight Her Best Features!

by Elsa Stringer

Although the New Year has barely started, we have already been able to see a wide array of amazing styles from celebrities. One such outfit was the choice of actress Kate Beckinsale, which she opted for as she attended the Golden Globe ceremony.

White color is extremely popular this season, so in order to keep up with the trends, she decided to go with this mermaid dress, the perfect way to highlight a woman’s hourglass figure, and what an hourglass figure she has.


Every woman looks leaner in this dress cut, even when they are in bright colors. The deep cleavage also contributes to the long figure look, another big plus for the actress.

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Furthermore, the dress featured an interesting detail around the waste that took away the attention from the rest of the dress, also making the silhouette leaner. This is a trick that any woman with wider hips can try and take advantage of!
Since this breathtaking hardly needs anymore comment, we will not even mention her flawless hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry.


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