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Kanye West Strikes Again With Yet Another Mad Move

by Nebojša Vujinović

The rapper can’t standstill. He is once again on the move, and this time, something is wrong, and he wants to make a statement. Kanye West decided to wipe clean his Instagram, leaving only one post. The photo in question is a picture of his childhood home. West is living in the past these past few months, considering he only recently bought this house, and his latest Album carries the name of his mother, Donda.

So, as we said, his Instagram is now empty, minus that one photo. This comes rather interesting as he had plenty of photos, considering he was a celebrity, with every day promotions. There’s no more content of any kind. Among the people, he follows we still have his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and interestingly a brand – Balenciaga.

We don’t know what’s behind this move from the Yeezy owner. What we do know, is that it’s all a part of the promotion for his tenth studio album Donda. The album was already postponed a few times, and we’re now heading to the third listening session. This time the venue is Soldier Field in Chicago. If you are a fan of Kanye you can head there on August 26th.

Source: yourtango.com

There is a memento to be found in the Chicago listening session. Of course, West is from Chicago, where he grew up together with his mother, Donda. The album carries the name of his late mother, and family is one of the subjects on the album. Once he shared the photo of his childhood home, the rest of the content on his Instagram was removed. The home was bought by the rapper last year for a rumored price of $225,000.

Kanye West’s family home was owned by his mother from the early 1980s all up until 2004. In the mid-time, the home went through foreclosure and was attained by West’s friend and associate Rhymefest. The plan was to make a community arts incubator from the home that once belonged to the West family. In 2016 these plans were abandoned, and Kanye was told about this. Rhymefest announced that it was West the one who left the project and seized his support for what was planned to be done. While the Stronger rapper was silent on what happened, his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian defended him on social networks.

This is not the first time, Kanye West had some type of an issue with Instagram. He only recently returned to the network after a hiatus that ended back in July. In the mid-time he was pretty active, mostly promoting his new album. He was the one to share the first photos from his listening session from the Donda album which was held at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium. Interestingly, West was living at the stadium in recent weeks working on the finishing touches of his album.

The album was postponed a few times now, and the fans can’t wait to hear it. According to rappers manager Bu Thiam, it will be released anytime soon. The most recently discussed date is any day after his Chicago listening session. As we already said this event is scheduled for 26th August and Soldier Field. Kanye already held two listening sessions, where some of the songs leaked, but the full album is yet to be heard. The release date remains unclear, although Thiam guaranteed that it’s happening right after the Chicago sessions.

What most fans are looking forward to is the collaboration between Kanye West and Jay-Z, which should signal their reconciliation.