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Kanye and Amber Rose Are Back Together? Not so fast.

by Mary McFarren

Before the Kim Kardashian era, Kanye West was head over heels with a model Amber Rose. Now that Kanye is almost single again, and Amber is being caught in the cheating affair, the fans started speculating about the two possibly getting back together.

Amber Rose Levonchuckhas has been in the spotlight for decades. The media loved her sharp tongue and unique appearance which, by default, qualified her to become a celebrity. Still, a model and a social media star, has had her own share of problems over the years. Amber was in a relationship with Kanye from 2008 to 2010. The couple split and Kanye quickly moved on to marry Kim Kardashian with whom he has four children. Over the years, it was clear that the two had some bad blood between them. While Amber stayed mostly quiet over the break-up, Kanye, as expected, had a lot to say.

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After the two went their separate ways, Kanye took the time to comment on his ex. “I had to take 30 showers after being with her”, the former partner of Amber said. Is the holler for reconciliation warranted? Depends on who you ask. The fans say – absolutely, for the sake of music. However, after this demeaning statement, Amber called Kanye “a bully”.

The fans would love for the two to ignite their passions again. The main reason – Kanye made the best music when he was with Amber. It states unknown if the model had any hand in it, if she was his inspiration, a muse even, but the fact stands. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is the best album Kanye ever published, judged by the public. So, would going back to Amber Rose produce any more great tunes? Odds are – we’ll never know.

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Even though both are single, they are also going through turmoil each in their own way. Kanye is supposedly devastated by the separation and looming divorce with the reality star. Recently, while promoting his “Donda” album, the rapper happily chatted with his soon-to-be ex-wife. The fans and media picked up on the lyrics that could easily be applied to his failed marriage with Kim Kardashian and his attempts to get her back.

On the other side, Amber has been fighting tooth and nail to stay in the spotlight and reap some benefits out of it. She showed up at every celebrity gathering she possibly could with finally creating the Only Fans page on Instagram. Her regular page is followed by over 20 million fans, but her special, private account was a flop. It seems that not many people were interested in uncensored photos and videos of the model.

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Recently, the news broke that Amber Rose’s boyfriend of three years Alexander “AE” Edwards has cheated on her with at least a dozen of women. As expected, Amber turned to social media releasing all her frustration.

“When you are in love with a narcissist, your brain tells you to run when your heart says stay,” she began a lengthy Instagram message. “Unanswered questions. Gaslighting. Stonewalling, Deflecting, Projecting. I wish it was easy for me to ‘fix him,’ but that’s not for me to do. The pain cuts so deep, especially when there are children involved”.

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Amber continued: “I will always love him so much, but I know I can’t heal him. Only he can do that. I knew I had to set myself free publicly or I would’ve stayed forever never receiving the love I craved and begged for. Tough choice because it hurt so bad, but I choose me. I didn’t want to have to do this at all, I just wanted my family MY HUSBAND. There’s only so many times I can ask a man to just be transparent, honest and love me wholeheartedly. I don’t know if I’ll get the happy ending I wanted but maybe I’ll get the happy ending I deserve”.

It remains unknown if the public healing and venting gave any relief to Amber Rose, but she sure is willing to share every little bit of privacy with the world. On the other hand, Kanye usually stays silent on intimate issues, revealing only the most general information regarding his family. Can the two mash together well? The fans surely would wish for, but for now, they stay in their own separate lives dealing with private problems each to their own.