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Josh Richards Faces Backlash After Flashing His Private Parts on Instagram

by Tracy Finke

TikTok star Josh Richards got under the spotlight after he joined his friend Griffin Johnson on an Instagram live where he proudly showed off his genitalia to thousands of viewers.

Image source: Instagram

Friends were playing around before the 18-year-old Josh dropped the camera and pretended to sit on it. Soon, he suddenly took off his pants, revealing his private parts. The fans who tuned in Instagram live were more than shocked by the view.

This moment instantly went viral, and the audience was not very happy but has divided opinions. Some thanked the TokTok star for sharing the close-up view, but others were outraged by his behavior since his fans are mostly underage.

Image source: Instagram

“I hate TikTok boys. I wanted to see why Josh Richards was trending and he fucking showed his balls on Instagram live so many underage people saw that I hate it here”, one of the comments read.

“Ayo why did Josh Richards show his b*lls on a Livestream full of probably 11-year-olds I hate men,” one continued. “He literally didn’t send it to private so someone like exposed him he literally showed d**k to kids that are 10yo that are watching him live he literally leaked himself,” other social media user said.

Image source: Twitter

The number of people was disgusted, but, at first, it seemed Richards wasn’t sorry for his actions. He just responded on social media with: “Stop. It’s over” and “Yo kinda legendary tho”.

Soon, he shared a message on Twitter.

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