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Johnny Depp Spend His Money On This Ten Ridiculous Things

by Elsa Stringer

Johnny Depp is one of the best-known actors of his generation. At one point he became of the best and highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He appeared in many popular movies that marked a certain period of time with its innovativeness, quality, and of course, popularity. He portrayed some of the most memorable characters that will be marked in history most definitely. Naturally, when it comes to Hollywood, being popular and being rich goes hand to hand.

At his zenith, his net worth was estimated at $650 million. He is known for his lifestyle and his spending habits. Today, he probably can’t preserve the same lifestyle he had while he was in his prime, but nonetheless, for a majority of the time, he continues with his habits. In this article, we are going to present you with the top 10 ridiculous things famous actor spent his money on. Still, you should have in mind that this is not a ranking. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Private Jet


We are going to start this list of ours with the fact that Johnny Depp owns private jet. It looks like this is a trend of sorts among celebrities nowadays. It offers him the possibility of traveling whenever and wherever he wants without sitting around other people. Mainly, this private jet is used for taking him to movie sets. Like you would presume, having a private jet is a pretty costly thing to have. The famous actor pays $200k every month to have it. You should calculate staff and all other things you need to maintain when you own a jet as an addition to that price.

2. Kentucky Ranch


At one point in his life, Johnny Depp decided that he want to get a ranch for himself. He acquired a 41-acre ranch in Kentucky that featured 15 stalls, watered paddocks, and three barns. In addition, the house has six bedrooms, a wet bar, a dining room, and seven bathrooms. Naturally, this house had some entertainment areas and a swimming pool. Sadly, because of his financial struggles in recent years, he decided to sell it at one point. This one looks like a really good place for two people to settle up and have a family.

3. Penthouses


You know when you are reading or watching an interview with some celebrity taling about owning a penthouse. Mr. Depp can say to them hold my beer. You’ll be surprised to know that he has five penthouses. He spent roughly $7.2 million on them all. His penthouses combined are representing some really high number, by all terms. For example, all of his penthouses have 11,500 square feet cover, 14 bathrooms, and nine bedrooms. However, one of these penthouses, he uses as an art studio.

4. Properties on Hollywood Hills


It looks like the popular actor is really a fan of owning beautiful and luxurious households. For example, he owns several properties on Hollywood Hills. More precisely, he owns five mansions that are located in the same street for some unknown reason. According to one source that came up several years ago, he spent $19 million on all of these mansions. He stated once that he even considers building an underground tunnel between them. But we don’t have a way of confirming this information. Now one fun fact, he has between 40 and 50 bathrooms in all of these houses combined.

5. Wine


This is not something that you could say is lucrative. However, this is something that Johnny Depp buys frequently. He is truly a fan of good, quality wine. On one occasion he stated that he spends $30k per month on quality wines from all over the world. Naturally, not all of these wines are going to be consumed, we can presume that he buys them as a part of his hobby. When you calculate how much he spends per year on wine, you will come up with a monstrous amount of money. More exactly, $360,000.

6. Rolls-Royce


Celebrities owning expensive and exceptional cars is not something that is rare in Hollywood. However, the famous Jack Sparrow really broke his bank when he was acquiring Rolls-Royce Wraith. The price tag on this vehicle is $328,000., which is really a small fortune, as you will agree. This is one of the top lucrative cars available on the US market. It features a 10.3- inch high definition display, traffic information, and an onboard voice control system. Besides being lucrative, this car is pretty powerful with its 6.6-liter V12 and a top speed of 155.3 mph.

7. 1959 Corvette


Another vehicle on this list of ours is a 1959 corvette. He owns a red one, that is more used for thrills, even though it’s highly stylish. This is a really impressive road car that can develop a top speed of 28 mph that has some kind of old-school vibe to it. The famous actor is often photographed in this vehicle while he is in his Los Angeles home. You’ll be surprised to know that his car was used for some movie scenes. For example, it appeared in “The Rum Diary” where he stars as a journalist who goes to Puerto Rico because of a job offer.

8. Yacht


The popular actor owns a yacht that was built in 2001, and he renamed it two times already. It has space for up to 10 guests. Furthermore, it has five cabins, stylish exterior design, entertainment space, exterior dining, and relaxation space. This beautiful yacht had a price tag of $22 million. This is a really lucrative thing to own. However, you can use it for traveling with your friends and family whenever you want and go where you want.

9. Village in France


Yeah, you heard that right. Johnny Depp owns his own village in France. The village is displayed in Plan De La Tour. He bought this village back in 2016, for an undisclosed amount of money. Even though the village is small, he spent a lot of money on upgrading some parts of it. The main house consists of 3.5 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. Sadly, he is looking forward to selling this little paradise of his, for an amount of $63 million. We’ll see how that will end.

10. Private Island

Johnny Depp Private island


What kind of celebrity would Johnny Depp be if he didn’t own a private island? We know Nicholas Cage’s adventure with private islands, but this is whole another story. To be price, Mr. Depp owns an island named “Little Halls Pond Cay”. The island is located in the Bahamas. It looks like Johnny Depp still has some of Jack Sparrow within himself. He paid $3.6 million for this little, isolated island.