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10 Jobs for Students That Will Help You Prepare For the Future in 2024

by Victoria Boatright

The world is constantly changing, and so is the labor market. Today, we have lots of position titles and industries that did not exist even a decade ago. Professionals who received formal education based on regular curriculums had to study extra to be a great fit.

Continuous learning development prevails now. Moreover, the need to change jobs and adapt to new market conditions will only grow. Both teachers and parents see that, and their duty becomes to help students get used to this instability.

How can they prepare students for jobs that do not even exist yet? It is better to focus on skills development that might be useful at any time. Also, it is a good idea to encourage students to take jobs that can help them acquire and practice those skills.

Here are several examples of jobs that can help students be better prepared for the future.

1. Writing Jobs

Source: performancing.com

Whatever writing job you decide to take – be it an essaywritingservice or a marketing content creator – you get a chance to train your written communication skills. Such a set will be useful to you in any position you’d take in the future.

Communication has been transforming for a long time. However, it hasn’t lost its importance. Even though lots of work issues are now resolved via instant messaging or apps like Trello, proper written communication is still very much valued.

2. Sales Associate

Source: blog.mercaux.com

Employers love to see sales-related entry-level positions in student resumes. It shows that students spent every free minute of their time learning to work with people.

With clients getting more and more demanding, it gets tough to please them sometimes. In the future, clients will remain clients. The commercial sector will still work to please and make revenue from those who are interested in the product. Thus, your skills in working with people and suggesting goods to their preferences are very important.

3. Customer Support Rep

Source: thebalancecareers.com

Another popular choice among students can also help you work out your customer service skills. Support agents are trained to listen to dozens of complaints per day while remaining calm and providing a solution to the problem.

These abilities will be relevant in the future as there will always be some force-majeures and unforeseen situations in business. The better the support agent can handle it, the more satisfied the client will be with the company itself.

4. IT Support Agent

Source: dizzion.com

Digital literacy is as good as gold. You’ll never regret learning something new when it comes to software and hardware. Thus, if you are offered to work as an IT support agent, do not hesitate to grab this opportunity.

Whatever path you choose in the future, it will be definitely related to gadgets and technologies. There is no industry now that does not use computers. Thus, learning more about them and the most popular computer programs is a chance to be better prepared for the future.

5. Volunteer Jobs

Source: typicalstudent.org

You can learn emotional intelligence and cultural tolerance only from direct interactions with representatives of different cultures. This skill is extremely useful in the modern multinational work environment. In the future, you’ll most likely need to travel to different countries for business, and knowing how to start a conversation will definitely be a plus.

However, even if you cannot get a place at an immigrant center or a refugee help organization, volunteer service of any kind provides you with the skills you need for working with people. Once you learn tolerance and compassion, you’ll understand people better.

6. Virtual Assistant/Personal Assistant

Source: fiverr.com

Becoming a secretary or a clerk is good if you want to have your organizational and planning skills improved. This amazing experience will prepare you for different situations in the future. You’ll learn how the work process is organized and see what can be enhanced.

Being a virtual assistant gives you more flexibility but less human interaction skills. As a personal assistant in the office, you’ll take part in calendar management, scheduling, and possibly even in decision-making.

7. Tutor

Source: mytutorhouse.com

If you are good at something and can share this knowledge with others, you should try being a tutor. It is a rewarding career that helps you make a difference. Also, teaching will never cease to be important and needed. Throughout history, the people who could teach others were respected and well-known.

On a personal level, the ability to teach will help you to lead a team and train fellow employees. You’ll know how to find an individual approach to people. Also, you’ll see how different we all are and learn to distinguish strengths in people.

8. Lifeguard

Source: moneycrashers.com

Even though it may seem quite a weird choice for this selection, being a lifeguard means taking responsibility for others. Such jobs are also especially appreciated by employers. Those people who have the strength to undertake the responsibility for watching others and saving their lives when needed demonstrate the same qualities at the workplace.

For you, being a lifeguard means training your attention to detail. You also become more disciplined and duty-oriented. This is a nice experience that can help you later in life.

9. Bank Teller

Source: enrichjobs.com

Adding more financial awareness to your list of skills never feels wrong. Even if you do not intend to stay in banking, you’ll definitely deal with financial matters in your life and, likely, career. If you decide to stay in finance, knowing the fundamentals will also be useful.

The main point is that starting your career as a bank teller gives you an opportunity to learn more about money. You can better plan your future expenses and decide on how to multiply your income and make investments.

10. HR Associate

Source: fremont.edu

Working with people and organizing them in a company is also a talent. The role of HR is not only to find a perfect candidate but also to make sure they fit the corporate environment. They also help existing employees with ongoing issues and coordinate team building activities.

Starting your career as an HR is great for those who dream of becoming an entrepreneur. You learn to read people, select them, and onboard. You can see the potential and help discover it. Such a skill set is an asset for all ambitious young people hoping to run their own business one day.